A True Life Haunting

It is understandable that people don’t believe in Ghosts, if you have never seen, heard or felt a ‘Ghost’ well of course you are not going to believe. The less you believe the less chance there is of connecting with Energy that hasn’t got a physical body. Then again numerous men and women run a mile at the thought of a connection from ‘behind the Veil’.

There is no question of ‘belief’ for those who have had regular interaction with Essences of Spirit. Seeing, hearing, feeling those that live in the Unseen Realms is a notable experience, adrenalin surges, eyes widen, the heart flutters, it can even bring on a squeal. To acknowledge their presence by asking what they want is a simple polite response to their oft unannounced arrival.
“Oh hello, yes I know you are there listening, how can I help you?”

Ghosts or Energy Forms gravitate to those who are open to the realism that they exist, people born in touch with a wide range of frequencies that can pick up the refined resonance of those existing in realms invisible to most Humans, once the rules and safety parameters are understood, communication can be established.
This all being said, there are some things that need to be controlled very tightly, I for one would never use a Ouija Board as they seem to be portals for more unruly Spirits and Tricksters waiting for an opportunity to dive in and cause havoc. Protection, Knowledge, Experience and Maturity are vital in all these matters.

What follows is a true story, experienced by myself and six other adults over a period of a few years.

Five of us shared a house, an end of terrace with lots of windows, a garden and an easy relaxed feel to it. Children played outside, riding their bikes up and down the street while dogs ran around after them. A family area popular for schools, shops, close to the city centre and definitely not an area known for being built on an old Ancient burial site!
Walking through the front door, through a porch,  you took a left turn into the open plan kitchen and dining room, a big patio door in the dining room led to the garden, the lounge was also off the dining room, a strange cul-de-sac lounge, a dead end to the house, just one door, a very high ceiling with one window that looked over the garden and another set about 8 feet up, the only thing you could see through it was the sky and one of the bedroom windows..
Sitting in the dead end lounge could be unsettling, too many horror films had dead end rooms like this,  a trap, no way out from an axe wielding, unhinged nutter who could be approaching quickly. One way in and one way out
However, luckily the story I am about to tell relies on no medieval weapons or mental illness.

It began one evening as we sat in dimmed lighting watching some mediocre film, idly glancing up out of the high window, the inky blue sky gazed back. My bedroom window blended in with the darkness and silhouettes of rooftops reached up making angular shapes. Feeling relaxed and content in the cosy warmth. my attention returned to my friends and the television.
Attempting to focus on the film again, where the plot wasn’t thickening, I found myself getting fidgety and bored, too easy to guess the outcome and terrible dialogue. The  low lighting meant reading wasn’t an option so reverted to the only decent thing to do at times like these, make some tea.
Standing up to have a good long stretch, I naturally looked up at the ceiling and out of the high window towards the sky, again, something was different, a large patch of yellow was in the middle of my view as I took in the curious sight of my bedroom lights now being on. No-one had left the room and the house was empty and all the people who were in happened to be in this lounge. Had someone sneaked in and accidentally knocked the dimmer switch as they snooped around my things?
“Hey! The lights in my bedroom are on” I announced to everyone,
“Eh?”someone uttered as heads turned away from the tv.
“The light in your bedroom is on? You must have left them on and forgot” Sarah said
“Nah, I was looking out of that window 10 minutes ago at the sky and it definitely wasn’t on”
“Shit, someone has broken in while we’ve been watching tv”
All four film watchers got up and gathered to have a look.
“Can you see any movement?” asked Martin
We all stared for a few seconds.
“Listen!’ can anyone hear anything?
Holding our breath we all strained to hear draws being opened, doors of the wardrobe or footsteps, nothing, no sounds at all.
“Fuck, Will, are you up for a stampede? What have we got to arm ourselves with?” said Martin
“Cheeky bastard, low life scumbag, should we go slowly and stealthy or charge? We’ll surprise him, be careful mate, he could be armed or have a knife”

The two men sprang into action, Goddess Bless them,  fearlessly bolting up the stairs, shouting as they went. Us women stayed downstairs waiting for the sound of screams and banging as the burglar was apprehended. None came.
Two minutes later they both came down looking puzzled.
“Can’t see anything, we looked around your room, and all the others, saw nothing, thank God, probably a glitch or some electrical surge, we switched the lights off, phew that was a rush”.
Satisfied with the answer, we all settled down and carried on watching the rubbish film, waiting for our pulses and adrenalin levels to return to normal.
Ten minutes later the lights in the bedroom were on again.
“Aargh! The lights are on again!” Sophie squealed
“You have got to be kidding….”
We all got up, rushed to the window and peered through at the unexpected yellow glow,
“What the hell?”said Martin, “That’s so weird, if there was a surge we’d have seen the light bulbs dip or something and why would there be a surge…we don’t get surges”
“There can’t be anything up there, but we need to check again, we’ll all go”
Tentatively Sarah, Sophie and I crept up the stairs, behind Martin and William, who this time were armed with tennis racquets.
Our giggling exposed our nervousness as we held onto each other climbing the stairs.
“Sssshhhhhhh….” Sara said loudly
Bumping into each other we stopped before the landing, listening for noises,
“Can you see anything Mart?”
“Not sure yet, everyone listen!”
We all held our breath and listened, there was only silence. Martin and Will nudged the bedroom door open an inch, the light was still on, the room was empty, but it felt like something was present which made my stomach flip. A loud bang from behind us  caused a chorus of screams, launching at the light switch, a single tap turned them off, we scrambled down the stairs, shrieking then laughing and truly spooked.

Bedroom Window 1

The light switches in my bedroom were dimmers, a single tap from your fingertip turned the lights on or off, if you kept your finger on the dimmer the lights slowly  brightened or darkened, allowing you to create the  perfect mood.
We were all rather confused about this mystery illumination.Two electricity surges that turned the lights on…just in the one room, with no other signs in the house? And as Martin said “We don’t get surges”.

During the following months, the bedroom lights kept turning on by themselves, one second they were off and the next they were on, we all witnessed it. Most of us got more reluctant to go and turn them off, not wanting to sense the eerie feeling on the landing and the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end.
We became intensely aware of the light situation in my bedroom, often looking up to check the status, one evening Sophie was staring into space and gasped
“Oh my God, Oh my God….I just saw the lights slowly turned on, as if someone had their finger resting on the dimmer switch, not a quick tap for instant light, but a slow brighten, what is up there doing that? I am NOT taking a look.”.
There was no-one in physical form upstairs at the time, we had all been downstairs when the lights came on.
It was freaky and I had o sleep in there every night.

Then other things started to happen.
In their peripheral vision Housemates saw swift moving Shadows travelling across the dining room or was it a trick of the light?  No-one had mentioned it until a friend dropped by to have tea, sitting in the dining room he became alarmed by the sighting of something dashing by,
“Fuck! I’ve just seen something run across the room, I really did, It was like a small walking Shadow, what the fuck was that? Bloody hell!”.
“Oh thank goodness you have seen it, glad it’s not just me, yes, we have some mysterious things going on here, I am so relieved you have seen it, even though it is a bit unnerving at first”
Sarah was also sensitive to this Shadow. We both saw it around the house, out the corner of our eye. It was seen through the crack of the lounge door when it was open, favouring the kitchen and dining area, it was never seen upstairs.
We began to speak to it…after setting up protective candles, incense and playing chanting tracks.
“Hello, I know you are here and want to be noticed, I am open to listening to what you want”
Motionless, the Energy seemed to linger, maybe surprised at being addressed, weighing up our words, but no response came.
On occasions unusual sounds could be heard upstairs, not the wood cooling down or floorboards settling after the day kind of sounds but doors would open and a palpable sense of being stared at prevailed. Martin got fed up with the feeling on edge all the time and moved out.
My psychic friends would come around and comment there was a Spirit Energy around who wasn’t very happy, but it refused to communicate.

The activity started to accelerate, during the night my boyfriend Steve and I would wake up with the lights on, we’d lie there for a while building up the courage to run to the switch to tap them off again before returning quickly to the safety of the duvet, an hour later they would be on again. The switch was tried and tested, all was working perfectly. This went on for months, being woken up in the early hours with the lights glaring over the bed.
The presence roamed around the room one night in the dark, eventually waking me up, lying there, with adrenalin pumping, I asked again:
“Look, this isn’t a very relaxing way to go about things, what do you want? Just communicate in a way I’ll understand and let us see what we can do”
A few days later  we were in bed, Steve was fast asleep, I stirred and turned over, as I did so the bedroom lights slowly brightened, as if a finger was resting on the switch, until the room was fully lit. I peeked over my duvet, to see who or what was standing at the light waking me up at this hour of the night? The clock glowed 3am.
“Yes, you are very clever, but it isn’t funny, I’ve asked you nicely” I responded from under the duvet until I shook my boyfriend awake so he could switch the lights off .
Lying awake, staring at shadows, I tried to calm myself down by breathing deeply, surrounding myself with protective Energy and tuning into my intuition. What did it want?
This slow brightening during the middle of the night became a regular occurrence.

Bedroom light

About a month later after we had been watching funny animals on tv, to get us in a relaxed state for sleep, I eventually fell into a deep satisfying slumber.  At 3.40am something began to disturb my peace, that adrenalin feeling, anxious sweating and a creeping sense of unease awoke me, I listened and then begrudgingly squinted at what was going on.
The lights were going mental, mad erratic flicking on and off as if someone were drumming all ten fingertips on the dimmer switch, rapid fire light pulses bounced off the walls and ceiling, they a furious feel
I squealed, heart hammering against my chest, horrified, confused looking at the frenzy above my head,
“Steve!” I yelled, as he was snoring next to me, he woke up to see the lights wildly flashing above his head,
“What the fuck…?” he said and sat taking the sight in for a few seconds before jumping out of bed and tapping the lights off and then on again, where they returned to normal.  He stood tapping the dimmer in every way he could to replicate what he’d just seen and couldn’t.
“What the hell is going on?” he said,
“Jeez, that was so scary, how long were they doing that for?”
“I am shaking, that really gave me a fright, not sure how long, I woke up and they were going mad”
“It gave me a fright too, jeez, look at my hands” he held his shaky hands out for me to see
After calming down and gathering our wits about us, we tried to go back to sleep, Steve was out within a minute but I stayed awake, alert and afraid.
Pulling the duvet up to the bridge of my nose, I  peered out into the bedroom. My heart continued to race with adrenalin fight or flight, which reaction was natural to me? Well, I was still here in the room, so a fighter I must be…The train of thought was a welcomed distraction, I rolled over to cuddle up to Steve, turning my back would be good defence to all that crazy vibe, the contact felt comforting and safe.
Trying to concentrate on getting back to sleep proved troublesome, yet bit by bit the adrenalin ebbed away, brain fuzziness approached, shock began to subside and that drifting sleepy sensation came closer.
I got jolted awake again by a very firm and decisive shove to my butt. It was as if I’d been kicked in the arse. The whole bed rocked, Steve jumped up saying:
“What the fuck was that? The bed is rocking, what the fuck is going on?”
“I have just been kicked in the arse by a ghost” I replied
“You just kicked me in the arse! For Fuck’s sake, you have got to be kidding! This has GOT TO STOP.” I shouted into the darkness.
Obviously I didn’t get anymore sleep that night and vowed to do some in depth investigation, I kept asking it to let me know and to communicate in a way that I understood what it wanted and what was it so pissed off about.

Bedroom Reach

The next day was dedicated to finding out more about the history of the house, previous owners and tenants.
Asking around the neighbours it didn’t take long to join the dots. I don’t know why I hadn’t done this sooner, but no-one likes talking about what has gone on before in a home if it is disturbing.
The truth came out via hushed tones. It is not the kind of information you give to potential buyers or tenants, that the previous owner, Betty, had fallen down the stairs and subsequently died on the spot from her injuries. The property agents and her Son had thought better of revealing the facts behind the reason the house was up for rent or sale.
All the pennies dropped into place knowing this information. Evidently I had moved into Betty’s room and the Spirit Essence of Betty didn’t realize she didn’t live there anymore and the room wasn’t hers, the sudden jolt out of her body with the accident had meant she was a bit confused as to why these two people were in her bedroom. The Spirit Essence of Betty was angry and irritated that others were in her house, especially in her bedroom, she wanted us out.
My psychic friends came around again and we began speaking to Betty, telling her what had happened and the resulting intermingling of Energies, the different realms overlapping temporarily before she moved on. We did a ceremony to release Betty, sending her home to Divine Astral Light. The atmosphere in the house immediately changed, as the weeks went by, everything calmed down and returned to normal, Betty was finally at Peace and so were we!


Diane Cox

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The Passion of Mars – What the Stars say about your sexuality.

Imagine the Fiery God of War, Mars, blazing, big and bold, loaded with weapons, full of desire and wanting to do the wild thing.
If you have a positively aspected Mars that will sound exciting, if you have heavy Saturn you’ll roll your eyes and still wonder what all that fuss is about…unless of course you’ve found all that desire for control and structure had led you down a satisfying path of BDSM, (Bondage, Submission, Saddo-Masochism) and all its variations.

Mars in Astrology is related to drive, motivation, energy, how you approach your battles in life, dance, play sports, dig your garden and approach sexual.passion.

Whereas Venus is about seduction and romance, Mars is concerned with the actual getting it on. Most people like the priming that Venus brings, to be seduced and stimulated, it prepares the boudoir for a satisfying roll around under or on top of the covers.
The placing of Mars could reveal unexpected surprises, holding a different character altogether from the rest of the Birth Chart. Your partner may have lots of Pisces in their Chart and be nascent, easy going, dreamy and happy on their turquoise cloud of Bliss, then you discover they have Mars in Aries, which will have made itself apparent from the start if you were paying attention, and this creative, wispy, nebulous character suddenly wants rapid, quick fire sex, hot, determined, heart racing, sweat inducing, ‘Do it like you mean it’ kind of sex…and a lot of it!

Sex Mature Woman

Understanding your Lover’s sexual drive from an Astrological point of view can help explain a few things, their perversions, disinterest, or obsession!
Mars is just one aspect of a Birth Chart and there are numerous other factors that will strengthen or dilute its general affect. It is one of the pieces of an extraordinary puzzle.

Here are some suggestions regarding how Mars may manifest its horny nature through the Signs…

Mars in Aries – Will enjoy dynamic, energetic sex, up against a wall, on the staircase,  kitchen counter, over the bonnet of a car, joining the mile high club. They will like it before breakfast, after lunch and with dinner.
Foreplay will be minimal with the goal in mind, once they are spent and they’ve had a nap, they will already be thinking about the next bump and grind ahead.

Mars in Taurus – Sensual, sophisticated sexual approach, wining and dining is part of the seduction. They can be a bit lazy when it come to being the activator. Lots of stroking, kissing the neck and creating the right atmosphere for a slow burn, there is no hurry, may like some outdoor action and be a little attached to the same routine.

Mars in Gemini – Like to keep their hands busy, they will have lots of ideas and may enjoy telling you how much they like what you are doing or what they want you to do next and they’ll be happy if you reciprocate such information.  Interlace fingers while in the midst of passion, graze their shoulders with your teeth. It may not last very long, their minds will be thinking about what’s next on the days agenda.

Mars in Cancer – You’d think this would be the perfect sign for the food sex combination, playing roll the grape, see where it lands and nibble it up from wherever it is, or licking ice cold white chocolate liqueur off the body. Their perception knows what their partner likes, but what about them, crafty crabs can be changeable, they enjoy emotional loving sex, close, warm and cosy…until they coax you into the back of their dark cave one night and you get to experience what surprises they have up those pincers!

Sex bath

Mars in Leo – Let them know how much they turn you on, if they walk across the room naked, look at them with admiration, they will roar with delight during good sex, appreciating lively, liberating, frequent bouts. They seek to satisfy you like you never been satisfied before and expect the same dedication from their Lover. They will get pleasure from you complimenting them on their prowess.

Mars in Virgo – Can be fastidious, make it clean, wash before and after. They may find it difficult to relax and can have a tendency to analyze sensations staying in their head too much. However, they can be very sensual with a desire to do a good job, a perfect job in fact, no pressure then. Sex can be seen as ‘functional’, tell them the huge health benefits of sex and they will get even more out of it.

Mars in Libra – Can you have refined, beautiful sex? If you have Mars in Libra most definitely. Along with luxury lingerie or heady aftershave, they will eventually understand bashfully, that they can rely on their good looks to do the trick, sex is great because they are gorgeous, sex is great because they are the catch so many others desire. Easily pleased in bed and touched by those who are just so damn grateful to be there.

Mars in Scorpio – Power, control, booze fuelled sessions involving bruises and possible blood loss. Or celibacy. You find a weird conundrum going on with Mars here, the need for Soul to Soul, intense sexual exchange is present, however their own need to be in control and hold the power in the bedroom can reveal itself in denial of the others pleasure. If that is sorted it is no holds barred in the sexual arena, I want to make you beg for more, how far will you go and what taboos will you explore in the clutch of a Mars Scorpio Being?

Mars in Sagittarius – Adventurous sex! There are different levels of what people consider to be ‘adventurous’ mind you, it may be Sex on a train, in a cave, while your Mother is talking to you on the phone, in a field of sunflowers or on a dinghy out at sea. Suggesting new places or ideas for sex will be a turn on, this will invigorate their ardour. Paying some attention to thighs and knees could bring make them tingle.

Mars in Capricorn – Cool, remote Saturn meets Mars. Tight control on sexual drives, doesn’t let sex control them, they choose when, where, how and frequency and not much can sway them from their need to be the authority figure calling the shots and making the sexual rules in a relationship. This is why Mars in Capricorn could get a thrill out of bondage and S&M. When the Goat does let loose it can be an earthy, persistent, productive pounding. Mars Capricorn

Mars in Aquarius – Kinky, unusual sexual appetites. They appreciate the unexpected, use a blindfold, tantalize their minds with an array of sensory input, take them by surprise, tie them to a chair and spank them with a table spoon. Have sex with a strobe light on, (as long as they don’t have epilepsy), or write secret sexy messages on your body with a UV pen and get it on under a UV light where words of what to do where come into vision.

Mars in Pisces – Sex is usually conducted with the whole Universe, romance is important, as is sensitivity to their dreamy gentle nature, they will see healing visions and cities from the outer Cosmos if you are pushing the right buttons. You are the magical wonderful creature taking them on that pleasure Journey and they Love you for that. They would like sexy showers, Oceanic sex, under warm tropical rain on a paradise island and a skillful toe suck would go down well now and again.

So when you look at your Mars and that of your partner, you may see why the fires burn bright or why the hearth is barely warm. Different strokes for different folks.
There is much work to be done if you have Mars in fiery Aries and the water of Mars in Cancer comes to douse it right down! There are many ways to please one person and then the other because Mars in Cancer will never deliver the hot, hard frequent sexual encounters that Aries seeks. Compromise is needed.
Add to Mars, the placing of Venus (covered in my previous post) and factor in not only other Astrological indicators but observed behaviour and messages around sex when growing up.
Communication is the key, everybody is so quick to state what they don’t like or want, however, a relationship gets even more interesting when someone has the courage to state what they actually DO want, even though it may raise a few eyebrows and shed a whole new light on your dearly beloved.


Diane Cox

Seduction of Venus – How to Love your Lover

Seduce and Love your Lover impressively by understanding what makes them tick in the romance arena,  feeling loved will keep any relationship together and these tips give you some sign posts of how to give your significant others what they need to feel appreciated.
If you don’t already know, you can find out where Venus is in your Astrological Birth Chart here
Astrology is an Ancient Art and is immensely helpful in understanding your Lover, boss, colleagues, friends, enemies and kids. Highlighting themes, personality traits, career paths, material interest, romance and compatibility.

VENUS – Goddess of Love and Beauty, Romance…and in Astrology connected to friends, social circles, Art, Music, yummy food and luxury of all kinds.
The position of Venus in your Chart gives an indication of how you like to be ‘Loved’, it shows what your partner needs to do in order for you to feel Loved and appreciated and it tells you what your partner likes, it is a fantastic way of being able to work out how to show your nearest and dearest that you really do care.
In relationships people often do to their partners what they’d like done to them, someone may like to go on a romantic Moon Lit walk to feel loved and appreciated whereas their partner feels having a meal cooked for them is just the bees knees of romance. A person may be a Capricorn, ruled by conservative Saturn and yet have Venus in Leo, which really brings a desire for attention, fun and having a goof laugh.

Venus can make numerous connections to other signs and planets affecting how it gets expressed, what is written below is an overview of the many ways Venus likes to be loved.

Venus in Aries – These people will like doing things for the first time, something you haven’t done with previous Lovers, something daring and adventurous. Book them in on a battle enactment for an anniversary celebration, do a dual bungee jump together or drum around a spectacular bonfire.Aries Bonfire
On a daily basis, these folks will appreciate loyalty, your active presence and open, direct communication and doing spontaneous trips.



Venus in Taurus – Here we find Venus at home, as Ruler of Taurus, and we are talking tangible, tasty ways of feeling Loved. Take your partner away to a sumptuous getaway, fine dining, good wine and sensual after play. Buy them something they can wear or use, not like a cheese grater though! Something more like a hand crafted stylish pen or a piece of jewellery.Taurus food
On a daily basis these folks will appreciate little gifts, flowers, a magazine wine and not being bossed about.


Venus in Gemini – Talk to them, make them laugh or more importantly let them make you laugh! Give them lots to think about and keep them busy, stimulate their minds, take them to a comedy night, casino, Karaoke, throw a dinner party for them and all of their many friends.Gemini Venus
On a daily basis these folks will appreciate chatting, humour, being able to do their suduko, crosswords, ceramics or communicating via writing, emails or phone.


Venus in Cancer – Nurture them, show them you care by caring about them, Buy them food, then let them cook it! Let them decide where they want to go for their Birthday, it will probably be near some water or a Spa where they can be wrapped in blankets after a nice gentle massage.Cancer Venus 1
On a daily basis these folks will appreciate space, time alone, not being asked to join in and you understanding their frequent mood phases. Always have their favourite snacks on hand.


Venus in Leo
– Stand back, let them perform and enjoy the limelight, encourage their roar, throw them a party, make a fuss for any celebration, let everyone know it is a special occasion, sing Happy Birthday loudly and proudly, bring them a big cake and take lots of photos.Leo Venus
On a daily basis these folks will appreciate attention, compliments, generosity, recognition for anything that has been achieved that day and a reminder of their triumphs


Venus in Virgo – Show that you love them by doing helpful and practical things. On a special occasion take them to a play or organize a secret hike in a favourite area of theirs, take a well prepared picnic, maps and first aid.Picnic and lake
On a daily basis these folks will appreciate you taking the rubbish out, doing the garden and those little jobs that have been on their minds.



Venus in Libra
– Will enjoy any effort you make for special occasions. A performing arts event with music, a trip to a Gallery followed by gorgeous Afternoon Tea including champagne. There could be a line of friends wanting to bring them treats.Libra Venus
On a daily basis these folks will appreciate most things! Kindness, understanding, social connection and a beautiful home.





Venus in Scorpio – Take them to the cinema to watch a thriller, followed by a walk in some haunted woods. Organize an intense black and white photo shoot, complete with shiny blades, leather and some bare flesh.Scorpio Venus 1
On a daily basis these folks will appreciate privacy, penetrating conversations, intense emotions, hearing the truth of how you feel about them and yourself.



Venus in Sagittarius – Would get a kick from doing an Archery Workshop, book a Birds of Prey experience for a special occasion or go paint balling, cook some food outside whilst Glamping. Sagittarius Venus
On a daily basis these folks will appreciate freedom, optimism, getting outdoors at the weekends and honesty. Support them in focusing on a hobby.


Venus in Capricorn
– Ruled by Saturn, a big occasion isn’t a big occasion, let them do their invoices, file their documents, it is business as usual. If they have a specific hobby a book or related practical gift will suffice and a salad.Capricorn Venus
On a daily basis these folks will appreciate support for their serious ways, be there as part of the steadfast foundations of life.Knowing you are strong and reliable will be valued.

Venus in Aquarius – Come up with something unusual and unexpected, anything goes. Take them for a Gong Bath or the controversial show that is on in town, ideally they’d like to go sky diving during a lightning storm.Aquarius Venus
On a daily basis these folks will appreciate you giving them space to get on with things and lively, intelligent debate, allow them to push social boundaries and rebel.


Venus in Pisces – Take a flask and cuddle under a blanket while watching the Sunrise together, go for a boat trip down a river, play your Love songs, give them a foot massage, lie and watch the Stars.Pisces Venus
On a daily basis these folks will appreciate romantic gestures, doing thing together, talking about the meaning of life, being stroked.



Good Luck with your seduction and loving your lover, there are many variables that come into play, however, a good eye to eye conversation on what each person would like always enhances the flow of Love.
The next article will look at Mars and the Sexual indicators in an Astrology Chart.

Diane H Cox

Abstract Art Portfolio – Diane Cox

I get excited by pure creative process, powerfully unleashing the Unconscious with individualistic freedom, turning the board during the process, having no idea which way is ‘up’, the surprise of what flows through is thrilling, observing characters and forms of paints in unique, ingenious moments.

We All Heal” Oil, Enamel, Plaster on Board 24″x 24″

We All Heal 1


Secrets of the Maze‘ Oil, Acrylic and Plaster on Board 24″x 24″

Secrets Of The Maze


‘Dancing in Darkness’ Plaster, oil, acrylic and metallic paints on Board 24″ x 24″

Dancing in Darkness


Journey to Venus‘ Oil and Acrylic on Board 24″ x 24″‘

Journey to Venus


Aspects of the Over Soul‘ Acrylic and Oil on Board 24″x 24″

Aspects of the OverSoul


Flight‘ Oil on Canvas 24″x 30



‘Leap of Faith’  Oil, Acrylic, Metallics and Plaster 24 x 24″

Leap of Faith (pp)


Balm of Gilead‘ Oil, Enamel and Acrylic on Board 24″x 24″

Balm_ of_ Gileead


Strata Animo‘ Oil n Canvas 24″x 30″

Strata Animo


‘Dreams of Bacchus’ Oil, Acrylic and Plaster on Board

Dreams of Bacchus


‘Algiz’ Oil, Acrylic and Plaster on Board 24″ x 24″




Pool of Creation‘ Oil, Acrylic and Plaster on Board 24″ x 24″

Pool of Divine Creation (p)


‘Aditi – Mother of the Gods’ Oil on Board 24″ x 24″



‘Purify’ Oil, Acrylic and Plaster on Board 24″ x 24″



Saturn’s Love‘ Oil, Acrylic and Plaster on Board 24″ x 24″

Saturn's Love


Out of Light‘ Oil on Canvas 8″ x 8″

Out of Light


Paintings – Diane H Cox








Mysterious Encoding of Predestined Death – Scripting your own Departure

If you could choose, what would be the perfect Death / Transformation / Changing Frequency Ceremony for you? What would be the last thing you’d want to hear, see, taste and smell as you passed from one frequency to another?
Transforming / Dying / Changing Frequency with a cube of chocolate melting in the mouth, a sip of great coffee, someone dabbing lips with a fine Sauvignon Blanc, listening to music that soothed, roused or rocked as you left.
Then again, the body may have gone beyond those desires, tired, worn out with long life, already detaching from the Human vehicle designed to embrace the rush of Earthly sensory delights, alternatively the circumstances may be speed, pounding dance music and instantaneous exit.
For why do we come to Earth? Isn’t it the ultimate buzz being in a body that can distinguish between the touch of a feather and a pinch, a bitter herb and sweet fruits, scent of roses, beautiful bird song, amble or to run, jump, swim and laugh. Being Human on Earth, the best ride in the Cosmic Adventure Park,

Earth Ride
And all good (and bad) things come to an end.

All things are born to die, but do they? The misconception of Death, when it is merely being returned home to the Infinite Cosmic Flow, must surely be celebrated as ‘Birth’. The reverse of that, going from of being Pure Energy, Limitless Universal Flow, and then getting crammed into a small vessel called a baby, where Knowledge is temporarily wiped, along with your ability to walk and talk, appears to be more akin to voluntary confinement.
Energy inhabits these tiny bodies who are at the mercy of those around them, every word, action, sound, vibration, programming them. The lessons start day one, hour one, the frequent ‘Welcome to Earth’ ceremony involves being held upside down by the feet,  smacked on the bum to cause crying and if they plan to stay around, breathing. It is not surprising some Energies immediately go back from where they came after that introduction to Human life.
Birth is a much anticipated event, cause for happiness and smiles, Death is not and society could be instantly improved if Death got the attention and Honour it commands.

Suffice to say, both entry and exit points to and from the Human vessel deserve planning, acknowledgement and as much contribution as the person in question desires. Even if it doesn’t exactly go that way at the time, the fact that a plan is in place and personal needs have been voiced, noted and acted upon, bestows comfort.

As Death is kept a secret from us, I think by our own design, it is a difficult thing to plan a ceremony for, many do get to organize their funeral which is useful. The readings, songs, photos or videos all salute the life lived.
The entry into the Human Vessel has finite timing, Birth can be predicted precisely, making planning easier! The procession of Ante and Post Natal Classes, baby showers, breathing techniques, water births, chanting, drumming or whatever takes your fancy, runs its course knowing arrival is imminent.
It could be that people are too ill, tired or in pain to engage in a Death / Transforming /  Changing Frequency Ceremony, however, for a dying person to have planned hearing laughter, music, tales of their youth, the voices of relatives and grandchildren as they slipped from one World into the next could make for a very pleasant passing. For some it would be the absence of noise and people as they crossed over, just them, their thoughts, reflections and peace.
The feelings about the exit seem to be affected by the belief of what happens next, it is often heard the fear of Death is based on ‘The Unknown’, I think it is kept Unknown for a very pertinent reason, otherwise Humans would be jumping ship and going back to Limitless Universal Infinite Energy Flow and no-one would be left on Earth!

No Humans
Illustration by Peter Bailey

There is a story about a Buddhist Monk and the reaction he had on observing a hearse drive by, on seeing the sight of the flower strewn coffin slowly passing by, he smiled and started to applause. The person with him gasped and asked him why he was doing such a thing as the solemn grieving relatives went by,
“Why, that person’s role in life has come to and end, their part in the play is over and it was a very good performance” grinning, the Monk happily continued on his way.
Yes, we are all performers in this play of ‘Life’. How do you like your role? Have you cast yourself as a villain? A star crossed lover? A Hero? A desk clerk, taxi driver, loner, party animal or all of the above at various times of the day?
Whatever your role it is, as valid an anyone’s, to take it a step further, if we consider that we have a big part in planning our Journey on Earth, such as the time and place we are born, the people we meet and the lessons we have signed up to learn, what if part of that ‘package’ is to organize our mode and time of exit / departure? How would it feel to know you had written the part of the play which stipulates how, where and when you leave it? You get to say if you go out in a blaze of glory or take your time, a slow walk off stage into the wings.
When we consciously think about it the automatic reaction is “No, no-one would ever choose to fall off a cliff, be bitten by a snake, shot or run over as a way of leaving life” But when you are out of a Human body and looking at the countless ways your Spirit Energy can be released from its Human vessel, well the options probably look rather exciting. It is not until you are inhabiting your Human vessel that the sensory input is realized and the mode you chose doesn’t seem so appealing now you are here! Good job our memories of planning our Human Journey are obscured once we are here on Earth. Akin to dreaming, we wake up and can’t remember dreams,, when we come here we often can’t remember being at one with the Universe and all it entails.

That mysterious moment where the Divine Spark enters matter within the Womb. It is the foetus that releases a hormone to begin the Birth process, the child instigates its own arrival, would it be outrageous to suggest we also initiate our own Death sequence? Obviously deeply unconscious, but something mystical encoded into our cells and Energy field, our personal ‘Change Frequency” button. If we come to Earth to study, to meet people who will teach us invaluable lessons, then it is possible we have a hand in  designing our mode of Death.

Swami’s in the Himalayas and Monks from around the World know when they are going to leave their bodies, there are documented events of Divine Spirited people leaving their body at what appears to be a time of their choosing. They know they are going. Sitting up meditating, their Spirit drifting off serenely at the allocated time. When Yogananda’s Master, Swami Sri Yukteswar left his body he commented “The Lion has left his cage”. Our body, a temporary cage for the Infinite Divine Spark.

When in Pure Energy form,  you are the Magical Force within the Ocean, Trees, Flowers,  Plants, Stars and Skies, the push and pull of magnetic pulses and when in Human form you get to see yourself! People flock to Sunrise, Sunset, sitting by the Ocean, staring up at Starry skies, Humans are seeing the true essence of themselves from an astounding different point of view. My how astonishing we all are.

Milky Way

So, Cosmic Travellers, enjoy the huge after show party celebration, meeting with all the characters who played their part in your life and the effect you had in theirs, script on the floor, lines delivered well, laughing about who you disliked in the play and who you Loved, then sign on the dotted line for the next opportunity to come back in a newly designed role to do it all again!


Diane Cox
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Death is Birth – A Cycle of Regeneration and Transformation.

The following is a transcript of my audio recording entitled ‘Comprehending Death, the Cycle of Regeneration and Transformation’ with a good amount of ‘Umm’, ‘ahhh’, ‘you know’ and gibberish edited out! (Link at the end of this transcript)

“The idea of coping with Death as a life skill, is born out of the fact that the majority of people live in the Shadow and fear of Death, and if we were only taught early on in life that Death is a transformation, Death is just a transforming from one state to another state, that could change.
If you believe that all there is is the tangible, the see-able, the touchable, and there is nothing after this tangible manifested earthy existence, then it s not surprising that people find it difficult. My friend used to say it doesn’t matter who you are, the King of Spain or the biggest high earning celebrity in the world, you know we  all end up in  box, that’s it, the end, finish, that’s it, you have this glorious life or not so glorious life and then we all end up in a box.
And I can understand therefore if you feel life isn’t going the way you think or it is not success, whatever that means, and then you die and end up in a box, yes it’s going to be a little bit traumatic to think you haven’t achieved and all you did was got up, sat in a traffic jam and served some government ideal and ended up in a box.

So there are many ways of thinking about this, if there was a thought of something more, the Energy that feeds the trees after the winter that move from bare branches into shoots, into leaves, into lemons, into almonds, into plums, into oranges, the stark cold earth that then comes up with wheat and vegetables and wonderful Earthy things that sustain our life.
If people just looked at the Earth in winter and said,  “That’s it, it’s all over obviously, all  the vegetables have gone to be in their own box, that’s it, the end. nothing s ever going to regenerate.” They would be severely mistaken.


You see this regeneration, what happens to those stark branches with nothing on them, the cold brown barren Earth, what happens when spring comes and everything starts to regenerate? What is that caused by? I always think it is so obvious that there is something else, something about life that is so magical and mystical but its all around us, it shows us that life continues, life carries on. The leaves come every year they are not the same leaves, they are different leaves and they fall off, they feed the Earth and something magical happens and they regenerate

So going back to the idea of Death if you feel that yes, you have your six score years and ten and then you end up in a box and that was it, that’s what life was about I can see how that can cause a little bit of disquiet if your life isn’t going the way you want.

If children were taught about this transformative process that we call Death right from the beginning, that OK, walking for instance could be considered  Death, you come out you can’t walk or talk and you die to crawling, because you then begin to walk, you die to being unable to communicate with words  and then you learn to speak, every day is a transformative process, every day something dies and something is reborn but if we look at Death as an end, a finality, then yes I think that is quite traumatic.

But if we take into consideration that when you die to crawling you learn to walk, that really is a very positive transformation, if you die to eating mashed up food and then start eating solid food, is that a terrible thing? Is that the end of it all, no everything is transforming, and I don’t know the person to credit this to but this idea that Energy never ends, Energy never ceases it just always transforms, nothing ever dies it just transforms into another state.
If children were taught that the minute they start to walk:
“Yay! Good for you, little Johnny has taken 4 steps today, yay, that is the Death of crawling! Woo Hoo!”
You know if that happened it would be a very different way of being

First Steps
“Yay! Little Johnny has stopped eating liquids and he has some teeth and is eating solids, yay! That’s the Death of liquid food, woo hoo!”
It would transform it, so when a child experiences the Death of a person a physical person imagine if Death came around in the way of;
“Yay, woo hoo! Grandad has died to this kind of body and is kind of in a whole  different place now, where he is everything and knows everything. He’s blended with the trees and the air and the clouds and the Sun and the Moon and the Stars, wow imagine the life Grandad is having”

But if you think that Grandad is now in a box and that’s the end of it all, withering away and decomposing, or put into the big fire and that’s it, it’s a very different thing.
(Even though these thoughts are valid and an important part of understanding the rituals around Death)

Of course, there is still the grieving process, the mourning, the loss, the feeling of the loss, the sadness of the loss . There is great healing in grieving thoroughly and feeling the loss, acknowledging the loss of the presence of a Being in your life that was really soul enhancing, warm, happy, joyful.
I do know of people that have been actually relieved at the loss of someone as a kind of closure of chapter, of… that’s it, the end, none of the Energy between us anymore that was fractious. The flip side is losing an Energy between another person who was extremely loving, giving and caring. So, of course yes, one always has to acknowledge grieving, loss and the mourning process.
There are cultures around the World who celebrate Death, transformation.

I went to a talk a while ago, it was about “Star Societies”, as they called them, I really loved it, “Star Societies” those Beings that don’t live on Earth. The whole idea that this Death thing that we call it, is just a change of frequency, which it actually obviously is. It’s like the film , ‘Men who stare at goats’, about the experiments of the US army in the 50’s, trying to get men to train to be able to run through walls, because there was all this knowledge they realized about changing frequency and vibration, you can actually blend with a tree, walk through walls, its all about a change of frequency, a change of vibration.
But this doom, fear based idea that it’s all just the end, you die and you end up feeding the worms, which is not such a bad thing to do, it’s like the trees, they feed us with oxygen every day, so, hey, what’s it to us that our body gives them a bit of nourishment.
But yes, I can understand why some people do feel that….. horror….. of going into the ground.

I really feel there is a place in the education system all over the World for this re-calibration and rethinking of what people call Death and really allowing people to cope with it.

One thing I have found about Death, dealing with people in a therapy situation is the terrible weight and burden people carry with regret. Someone dies, changes frequency, transforms and is no longer accessible to us in the physical form, that if they have regrets they never did the things they wanted to do, they left on bad terms, they hadn’t been speaking for years or the Death was a little bit traumatic, it leaves a stress, a trauma around it. Well the trauma can be healed, the trauma can be dealt with, but I do find people have been slowly destroyed by regret around Death.
It probably comes full circle to the point of…. well OK, lets live life with my relationships and the people around me that if they do die today, if something actually  happens, my heart feels happy about where that relationships was. my heart feels good.
If you’ve had a fall out and someone has done you a wrong and you don’t want to be in connection with that person, you have to make sure you feel fine with it, you feel OK with it, I feel fine with that, I wish them all the best, I wish them every happiness but their Energy does not enhance my existence, I don’t wish them any harm and if they die tomorrow that’s fine, if I haven’t seen them or spoken to them, that s fine as long as they were happy and living the life they wanted, that’s fine. It doesn’t mean you have to be around people who don’t enhance your personal joy and freedom of Being.
I do think teaching children about that from a very young age, if they have done or said something where there is an unpleasantness and then someone transforms, changes frequencies, dies, whatever you want to call it, that they make sure they are in a state where everything is happy in their heart about that relationship, same with pets.

I think the life skill of coping with this would make life quite different, if people were taught how to cope with this constant event. If people were taught:
“Sweetheart you are dying every day, look yesterday you couldn’t tie the laces of your shoes and today you can!” It is a natural cycle.
And if children were closer to nature like some of them are, that obvious example in nature of everything regenerating, then I think coping with the Death of loved ones. they’d have a fighting chance of getting on with it, dealing with it and coping with it and going “Well this is natural”, and that is the whole thing this is natural, transformation is natural.


I don’t know who to credit this to, I have only heard Anthony Robbins say it “The one constant in life is change” Nothing stays the same, nothing stays unchanged and if children are taught that, everything’s changing, your hair changes, your skin changes we regenerate constantly. If this is taught, everything dies and is reborn or if you prefer regenerates, everything grows again, then the Shadow around Death would feel different.
The whole Death word even has a down kind of feeling whereas ‘the ultimate transformation’, ‘transforming’, ‘changing frequency’ is more, for me, accurate to what it actually is as opposed to Death, the grim reaper.
Of course unless you want to think about Death in the film ‘Meet Joe Black’ where Death is Brad Pitt who comes to your bedside and lays his hands on you and you pass from one form of existence  into another. That can’t be all bad now can it?
If you are a man you can think of your own Transformative Angel coming to your bedside or wherever you are in order to make the transformation, and for me it is making the transformation home.
As Andreas Moritz said, Birth is the actual Death you come from being everything, the huge expansion of Energy knowing everything, being in touch with everything, feeling this huge infinite energetic way of being and then your Spirit gets born into this tiny body that can’t speak or walk or do anything for itself, no wonder babies cry, because you’ve suddenly found yourself actually in a box , ha ha which is quite funny, actually in a box in the form of a human body, a very, very, very small human body, that’s the actual Death. And you have your time on Earth and learn the lessons you wanted to learn, you cross paths with the people that have agreed to teach you some very specific learnings you wanted to learn and they can be very unpleasant or very pleasant and then you transform back into this wonderful big I AM, the everything, the Infinite Intelligence that is Life and Death and Ultimate Transformation.”

Audio Version ‘Comprehending Death – The Cycle of Regeneration and Transformation’

Diane Cox
September 2017

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Astrological Destiny – Natural Birth vs Caesarean

For millions of women throughout history, childbirth has been a traumatic, often fatal  experience, natural or otherwise. The first reference of a baby being cut out of a womans body was recorded around 298 BCE, when Queen Durdhara had accidentally ingested poison from sharing the Kings food, (his Minister added poison to his food to strengthen his immune system) she was 7 days away from giving birth, as she began to die, her husband cut off her head and opened up her belly up with a sword to save the child. The baby was Bindusara, the second Emperor of India.
The term Caesar / Caesarean has come to be translated as ‘Emperor’s Cut’,  rooted in  Latin and Slavic languages, which regarding Emperor Bindusara’s entrance to the World, makes sense, however, the Sanskrit  equivalent is unclear. The etymology of ‘Caesar’ is much debated as it appears that Julius Caesar who is often cited as the namesake was not born by or had any hand in the development of the method, it was being performed well before his time. The relevance may be found from the Roman Royal Law that required that the baby of any mother who died in childbirth be cut from her womb, as it was a cultural taboo for mothers to be buried pregnant.

The practice of the Emperor’s Cut has been carried out with varying degrees of success in a number of countries for thousands of years but women rarely survived the process, however, the majority of Caesarean Sections were performed on women who ha already died. One of the the first accounts of a woman surviving Caesarean Section was, Beatrice of Bourbon, Queen of Bohemia in 1337. There may have been more survivors as Caesareans were evidently observed being performed in Africa, where alcohol was used as an analgesic and herbal tinctures applied for wound healing.
In 1862, the mortality rate of Caesareans in Great Britain and Ireland was 85%
It is harrowing to read that uterine suturing (sewing up the uterus after the cutting) was only introduced in 1882 as a method of reducing this death rate.
As it the case now, Caesareans were performed when women were in difficulty, sick, at risk or deceased, it is an unfortunate outcome, die from giving Birth or die from having a Caesarean.

To think these days, women are routinely and casually booked in for their Caesareans with high tech teams at hand ensuring, in the majority of cases, safe arrival of their babies.
In 2015, 32% of deliveries in the US were by Caesarean Section and in the UK the figure for 2014 sits at 26.2%.

The point of this introduction leads on to electing to choose the day and time of Birth for a child as opposed to the natural process of allowing it to arrive when it is ready from the instinctive hormonal surges from the baby that precipitates their birth. It is these hormonal communications from the baby that start the ball rolling. The baby ‘chooses’ when t is ready to be born.

Why is anyone concerned with the time of Birth? Well, time of Birth in Astrology,  in this case when the baby emerges from the womb and breathes its first breath of Earth air, clicks the Chart into place, the planetary placing  and the function of the Houses become focused and the destiny or potential can be seen more clearly. Even Bindusara wasn’t considered ‘born’ until 7 days after he’d been removed from his Mothers womb, the court Astrologer must have been on hand making sure he had the Chart of a Great Warrior!
Birth Charts reveal oodles of information without the time of Birth, but the curiosity of Astrologers make them hanker after accuracy.

For instance, the Soul that resides in a Human has decided it wanted to be born at a certain moment, thus ensuring a Birth Chart with attributes that lend themselves to the chosen experiences it wants to have during this incarnation, but while gestating in the Uterus the obstetrician / surgeon decides on the day / time of Birth, instead of the Soul itself? Has the Soul foreseen this and allowed for such intervention?
There is discussion in Astrological circles about the morality of electing a Birth time to give a ‘favourable’ Birth Chart, which may by pass the true desires of the Soul.
What if the Soul of little Timmy wanted the experience of being a Train Driver this time around, yet the parents want little Timmy to be a Nuclear Physicist and choose a Birth Day / Time and Elective Caesarean to procure a Chart with these elements.
Is that fair?


Steam Train 1
Conversely, the Soul wants to be a Dancer, yet the procedure is carried out with no interest or knowledge of Astrology, at a time when the Birth Chart lends itself to Accounting. Again, has the Soul bargained on the input of other factors in the equation? The Souls of the parents, surgeon and little Timmy, did they all hatch the plan before any of them incarnated onto Earth, making time of Birth perfect no matter what, or can that outside interference be confusing and distressing for the Soul, who gets derailed from its purpose?

Ballet Dancer
With ‘Natural’ Birth this is less of an issue, even though the various methods used to induce labour can delay or stop the impetus from the hormonal surge of the baby at the actual moment it feels right for it to be born. Therefore little Timmy’s Soul wanted to be born on 7t November 1999, at around 3.33am in Padstow, Cornwall, UK (made up, fictitious details!) and therefore began the hormone conversation with his Mother a few weeks earlier to bring this about. He gets to be born when he desired, with a Birth Chart he knows will facilitate the lessons he wanted to receive. Everybody’s happy.
Timmy’s Chart shows much potential for a dedication to material gain, will steadily and relentlessly pursue his goals, strong self worth and the ability to structure other peoples possessions, a great communicator, able to see past what is being presented, highly perceptive, not afraid of telling it like it is, caring, charming, diplomatic whose assets lie within him being himself and leading by example.


Little Timmy Wheel


Any Astrologer knows that there can be huge potential in the Birth Chart for all kinds of actions, adventures and career, yet often these are not realized as the navigation of Journey of Life with its countless variables can be rather distracting!
The Birth Chart can be full of contradiction and polarity, a gift of helping others navigate deep psychological problems can sit right next to the need to explore all taboos in life, be a damaging antagonist, with a propensity for mental health issues themselves. Someone with a real talent to develop new unique ways of social insight, can get lost in their addiction to sensual pleasures. It is all about experiencing life and overcoming, exploring and getting the best out of the Self, that is the Magic of Astrology.

Diane Cox

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Jonny’s Gift – An unexpected insight into Down’s Syndrome

Unpredictable behaviour in Humans can be unsettling, we fear what we don’t understand, whether that is the stern, serious Professor who after a few drinks takes off her top at the Christmas Party and dances around in her bra eventually getting her boobs out on show or the reserved office assistant who turns into a roaring monster killing machine at a paintball ice breaker outing. It can be unnerving to see an Alter Ego emerge from the Shadows.
It is different being in the proximity of people who live with a condition which fosters constant unpredictability. Seeing a Mum being spit on and and hit by her 6ft Autistic Son is a shock, he couldn’t communicate well, making a series of loud and emotive sounds to try and make his point understood. It was upsetting to witness, she coped admirably, hardly flinching, obviously used to the situation. It was normality for him.
Being around people who cannot communicate or use speech in a ‘formal’ way often makes people uncomfortable, as it is unknown territory, the usual greetings and platitudes appear to be redundant. Those who live or work closely with individuals that have different  behaviour and speech patterns comprehend that there are channels open, they just have to be explored and closely observed.
As a career communicator the idea of someone having no idea what I am expressing is difficult to accept, what is even worse is that I may not understand them.

A friend of mine is also a career communicator, with many strings to her talented bow. Both of our Paths of Career Happiness is laid with the foundations of communicating with people, finding out how they tick and assisting them to contentment.
After many years she finally found her way to a kind, considerate and loving man who happened to have children, one of which has Down’s Syndrome, his name is Jonny.
Jonny has limited speech, his communication is simple, often using Makaton signs to get messages across. Jonny became a topic of many conversations between us, we wondered if he was aware of the difference between him and the free flowing speakers of the World, if he was happy, if he was frustrated, our mutual interest in Self Realization meant we discussed the Spiritual and Emotional Path of Beings who have this type of life and wonder what they think or deduce about their situation. Someone doesn’t miss Red if they have never seen it, why miss communicating in the socially accepted way when it hasn’t been on your agenda this time around. As a Sign Language Interpreter and excellent observer and listener, she found ways of recognizing his needs.
I haven’t met Jonny, and from all I hear about him, I like him.

Last Summer, I went to stay with my friend, Cupids Arrow had resulted in marriage and the smiling Lovers were putting on their second celebratory Afternoon High Tea, with family and friends. She took me to my  airy and light room, overlooking the garden where the apple tree proudly displayed its juicy red fruits and the birds sang with Joy in their Hearts.
It was Jonny’s room.
Jonny and his siblings had been to the first Afternoon High Tea in a location further East, so I still was not going to get to meet him. Sitting on the bed I looked around at the things Jonny  looked at when he was there, the posters, a football scarf on the wall, photographs. Did Jonny listen to the birds and look out of the window to admire the garden, watching the Robins peck on fallen apples? What crossed his mind during the day? He played computer games and watched films and I was curious about how that incoming information was processed.
Being the Intuitive Kind, I decided to lie down on the bed and tune in to Jonny’s vibe, to put my head where his head regularly lay, to consciously listen to the Energetic echoes and images that Jonny left between visits, wondering if there chaos, restriction and exasperation.

Kicking off my shoes and placing my feet on the bed, I picked a preferable spot and slowly lowered my head onto the pillow, hoping for a connection to be made. After a few breaths  the images quickly came into view, it was an unexpected revelation.

There was an enormous tree, it was an unusual tree, pale wood, almost white, sitting half way up, I peered at the highest branches and then what lay beyond, it was not sky , but bright outer space, a white night sky, gentle moving Energy that seemed to go on for ever, it felt warm and unravelled before my eyes, There were white flickering Sparks dancing around, smiling, they told me they were ‘Daylight Stars’. Tiny  Blue Birds swiftly flew about, their song was sweet, happy, alive!
Visible, multi coloured waves drifted by and the whole scene seemed to be Inhaling and Exhaling, there was an undeniable comforting Rhythm throughout this place with a peaceful sense of weightlessness.

And then there was the Love, oh my goodness, the Love, a Love that brought tears to my eyes, a Love that enfolds and cherishes, Infinitely and Unconditionally.
Tinkling bells could be heard somewhere off in the distance and nothing mattered, only this moment, this sense of Being, this Infinite Love.

Is this what an extra Chromosome resulted in, a direct connection to some Cosmic Highway? Was speech necessary when he had constant access to this Vision, mundane ‘normal’ life and conversations about washing up, tax and news couldn’t compare.
It had only been 10 minutes since my head touched the pillow, Loving Eternity rippled through my Soul, I stood up, slightly trembling, humbled and astonished at receiving Jonny’s Gift.

Diane Cox

Pig Farmers and Prima Donnas Book by Diane Cox Available on Amazon

12th House Stellium in Cancer

Stelliums are a cluster of planets in the same sign or house, they jump out grabbing your attention to relay their urgent messages. The Stellium to be discussed here is in the 12th House with a spill over into the first. This is how the bundle looks –


As we see, the 12th House contains:
Mercury in Gemini, Mars in Cancer, Sun in Cancer, Venus in Cancer, this moves onto Cancer Ascendant and then in the 1st House we find Moon in Cancer and Part of Fortune in Cancer.
Imagine the ways this Stellium manifests in the individuals life. 6 Cancerian / Cardinal influences! A true Cancerian if you ever saw one, take the typical words that relate Cancer and times them by 6. Wave after wave carries this Crab Collective to and fro, some determined to sit at the back of the cave while others patrol the rocky borders, some placid, others not.
There is no doubt with this planetary set up, what you see what you get, the usual ‘mask’ of the ascendant, normally with a number of other aspects living behind it waiting to be discovered is absent here, what you have is 6 Crabs standing in a line, staring you down and saying nothing, with 12 eyes and 12 ears, don’t think for a minute they miss a trick, they see and hear it all.
This much Cancer in a Chart leads to such high perceptive abilities, a honed sixth sense, amplified by the 12th House placing.
Having this Planetary set up means this person brings their full Crabbiness with them wherever they go, the first impressions they make and what they want people to know about them is their authentic self, for all to see, up front, 12 pincers held in the air, ready to surround you, give you a warning nip or scuttle away in various directions if you say or do something disagreeable.


One might be fooled into thinking this person is a mush of emotion, sitting in a corner, enjoying seclusion, eating cake and stroking kittens. But not so, my fellow Stargazers, look at the photograph above! Crabs seem to be built for battle and that shell can be very hard to penetrate, what a relief they have a soft underbelly to tickle once you have navigated the booby trapped path to their inner sanctum.

For a moment, consider Mars in Cancer, the God of War, a fiery go get ’em kind of crazy Being inhabiting the guise of a King Crab. Yes, Mars doesn’t like to be drenched in water, having to wade through it, bogged down, slowed down, getting annoyed living in a confined shell, but look at the possibilities. If Mars learned how to wield those pincers, develop a little more restraint, hoard a plethora of weapons and note those marvellous Crab manoeuvres…well there could be some pleasure in this position for Mars after all.
Cancer Crabs must take Mars to the back of the cave and teach it patience before the strike, logistical tactics and the art of ambush.

In this Chart Mars, the Sun and Venus are all in conjunction with each other and in this 12th House Stellium, all three of them conjunct the Ascendant. Therefore the usual dynamics of conjunctions between Mars, Venus, the Sun and the Ascendant, such as leadership, competitiveness, passion, drive, sensuality, assertiveness, charm, excitement, adventurousness,  want to fly beneath the radar, out of sight, living behind the scenes, but this is not possible when conjunct the Ascendant! They cannot hide. The numerous possibilities of the multi faceted conjunction can become internalized, curiously making the person at times, reluctant to accept or utilize their personal power, finding it uncomfortable to acknowledge their affect on social situations, the opposite sex and the ease of influencing others decisions. Even though maybe secretly, they know it all too well.

The Cancerian nurturing abilities are obvious and apparent with this individual and interestingly they exhibit 12th House ‘behaviour’  within themselves, with insular pastimes and hobbies based in the home, feeding their desires for solitude, self care and ‘mothering’ the inner child. These Crabs feed on a diet of the Cardinal qualities, subsequently the collective are innately active, self motivated, dynamic and when something triggers self protection, they can be opinionated, inconsiderate and domineering, especially with Mars Sun conjunction, however they do enjoy a good joust.
The Part of Fortune also signifies a self reliance, confidence and a gift this Crab has to share with the World at large that is intrinsically linked to the unique example they set.

This Crab is intensely private, however utilizes the charm, sensitivity and magnetism when forced out of the cave into daily life, Mercury is in Gemini which adds sparkle, wit and intelligence to all forms of communication. The bounce between the 12th House comfort within the cave and having to go out in the daylight to face the World is a balancing act that must be achieved.
With their Moon in the 1st House, everyone knows how they are feeling at any given moment, the range of emotions are out there for all to experience, there are no crossed wires with Moon in Cancer in the 1st, just a look, a sigh, a tip of the head at a certain angle send the messages loud and clear. How they feel and truly expressing it is vital, which can take others off guard. The well known suppressed Mars in Cancer, with outbursts of annoyance at seemingly inappropriate moments is possible.

Then there is the healing, the connection to mysticism, magic, psychic ability, Spiritual Knowing…and Self Undoing!
This Stellium suggests they know a thing or two and it seems one of their Karmic and present challenges with this is to bring that insight to the front of the cave for us all to understand, those adept pincers are holding treasures of information, but in true Cancerian style they gather it up, collect it and store it in dark recesses. Bring it into the Light please! Share it with us, we want to see what you see…


The Crab Collective will protect what it has and until you have been through their Cosmic Scanner, satisfied the detailed criteria for access and navigated the Path lined with sophisticated sorcery, you’ll be getting nothing.

I’ll finish with this quote, which I feel is very apt for this Cancer 12th House Stellium, it is  by an 11th century Chinese scholar from Stephen Arroyo’s book Astrology, Psychology and the Four Elements, a revealing insight into those with a torrent of Water in their Charts –

“Water is yielding, but all conquering. Water extinguishes Fire, or finding itself likely to be defeated, escapes as steam and reforms. Water washes away soft Earth, or when confronted by rocks, seeks a way around… It saturates the atmosphere so wind dies. Water gives way to obstacles with deceptive humility for no power can prevent it following its destined course to the Sea. Water conquers by yielding; it never attacks but always wins the last battle.”

Diane Cox
October 2016