Female Genital Mutilation – The War on Women

I posted a comment about Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), aimed at reversing the tables and thinking of equality, a sort of eye for an eye , or more precisely, a clitoris for a bell end, a sewn up vagina for an emptied and sewn up scrotum. Maybe a removal of the scrotum to make a purse?

The comment elicited some interesting responses, all from women. The practise of removing the clitoris with a razor, no anaesthetic and then the labia being sewn up, is a trauma which I can only imagine leaves a deep psychological scar, alongside the physical and emotional ones. Memories of being held down, legs wide open by those who you thought were there to love and protect you from such abuse and brutality.
Of course this is done to prevent the female from having any pleasure from sexual congress, to stop her wandering and being unfaithful. A spiteful act against the Divine Entity that created her, hence my comment about men having the end of their penis cut off, because why must women carry the load for a mans insatiable dick. If you cut the end of the penis off maybe he wouldn’t be so inclined, without invitation, to plunder and pillage the soft yielding body of woman.
Someone commented “Shame on you” for expressing such a thought. I wonder if this woman had ever said that to any razor wielding adult who has repeatedly mutilated a girl, maybe sent them an email, letter, or petitioned against the violence of FGM, shame on me for thinking it should be the man who takes the responsibility for his ever battering hungry penis. How dare I suggest the man should remove the end of his penis instead of a girls clitoris being cut out and the lips of her private parts stitched together?
People commented that education is the way forward, well yes, that is obvious, however how many generations will it take for that to happen? Thousands of girls brutalized while people sit around a committee table.
The extended complications from FGM include problems urinating, urinary tract infections, vaginal infections, clitoral abscess, infertility, complications in childbirth and mental health problems. There has also been a study done regarding the problems men face with FGM, such as difficulty in penetration, wounds and infections to the penis and their own psychological disturbance at it.
I have first hand experience living in Africa and seeing some of the mental processing that goes on, where in the face of overwhelming evidence, if a person in power says they must not do something because it will enrage their Ancestors…they will not do it, for fear of being cursed. In South Africa there is a common belief that having sex with a virgin or baby will cure men from AIDS. How long would it take to change a mans mind on that? Especially if village elders condone it.
How long will it take for FGM to be considered unacceptable in Africa? When will these women have the right to keep all parts of her body? To not be saddled the punishment for the crimes of men? Nigeria have banned the practise, as has Gambia, and a number of other countries, but it continues for who is monitoring what goes on behind closed doors?
You read that things are changing, some villages are allowing women to meetings now and there is great work being done about FGM, but the Ancestors…what do the Ancestors say…? Who will talk and reason to the Ancestors?! When will they accept some brilliant force made women this way, with an organ that is capable of orgasm, a natural, healing, stress busting wonderment.
Education is a must, but we have to acknowledge it takes time to readjust attitudes. Education isn’t reducing domestic violence, women are being beaten up and murdered by men every day, it hasn’t stopped the gang rapes in India or for that matter rape across the globe.
I absentmindedly considered the woman who was so offended by my opinion on FGM, what was her own relationship with her clitoris like?

You see I get on swell with my genitalia, or as I prefer to call her my Cosmic Gateway, we have had a Love Affair for so many years now, she is a Jewel, a wonder, a Miracle and an absolute luxury. An attribute that is wholesomely part of my personal Goddessness.
A woman mentioned during the debate that this type of thinking regarding male mutilation was not the Path of the Goddess…something which I walk daily. It got me thinking about the views on activities of the Goddess. She didn’t say anything about the females butchering female children or the betrayal of one woman to another, just that my fury at desiring the right people take responsibility and the establishment of a decent punishment for violating woman, was unacceptable.
Oh My Goddess, The Goddess….the Multi Faceted Glorious Goddess, she walks amongst us, awaiting her return, observing Mens fear, waiting for them to bow down before the Divine Feminine.

If you acknowledge the Goddess, it is obvious Women will have an affinity with certain Goddess Energy, that speaks to them at the time, some prefer the fairy wings type or the flowers in the hair type playing the lute at the Waters edge and some resonate with fighting and battle such as Sekhmet, who also is an exceptional Healer. There is a list of 71 ‘War Goddesses’, Divine Feminine has many faces and identities and I refute the claim that being feisty and standing up for what is right is not the Way of the Goddess. Women have been oppressed for so long they have forgotten what long lost Warriors they are. Let the Feminine Storm rage in all her magnificence.
Violence against Women is an every day occurrence, whether due to a husbands football team losing, alcohol, religious beliefs, lack of education, freedom or kindness.
Women take the brunt, while rarely are the men taken to task by authorities, religious leaders, friends or colleagues for such Devilish, atrocious, vile actions.

Amidst the waves of terrorist events, I wondered if the Virgins awaiting ‘Martyrs’, those wretched sad Beings who found nothing to live for, have been mutilated in order for sex to be a painful, traumatic event. How awful  that those unfortunate misguided people couldn’t admire the work of Allah…Peace be Upon him…while they were here on Earth, all the while surrounded by immense Power of Feminine Joy, they could have been loving and kissing instead of  bombing and bullying.
Let us celebrate woman’s genitalia, and keep for evermore our feminine petals in full, beautiful bloom, our Divine organ of pleasure in tact, as the Magnificent Creators designed and intended it.

Diane Cox
(Edited Article from my original post on The Difference Being WordPress Site 2014)



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