Pig Farmers and Prima Donnas Book by Diane Cox

Book ‘Pig Farmers and Prima Donnas’ available of Amazon Kindle Edition

“Being an over polite Beauty and Massage therapist inevitably leads to finding yourself in precarious situations that a simple ‘up yours’ would have prevented. One of the golden rules of client satisfaction is to fulfil their wishes; this rule was broken when a pest of a client wanted me to get up on my own couch so he could bury his head in my Lady Garden.
When faced with a woolly mammoth that wants to be tamed by waxing a simple ‘No’ could have prevented chaos.
Saying ‘Yes’ too often can have advantages, meeting ordinary people living extraordinary lives and when asked to massage an Argentinean Adonis, it would have been rude to say no.
The tale tells of an eventful path, from first college jitters at massaging a man, unpredictable behaviour within an all female Spa, coping with gropers, flashers, coming into contact with vengeful Mistresses, randy pensioners and a real life Princess.
Thirty years of working in Health Spa’s, witnessing humanity, revealed in all its splendour. Men and women ravaged by Death and enlivened by Love. Every client a Teacher, whether the lesson was ‘How to be a colossal tosser’ or ‘Angels walking amongst Us.’

5 * Reviews!Pig Farmers





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