Forced Contraception, Abortion & the Population Conumdrum.

In 2010 I listened to F. William Engdahl give a presentation on Genetic Manipulation of our foods, sitting in his wheel chair with no colourful slides, music or animated, humorous delivery, he spellbound the audience with facts, statistics and extensive supported research as he yanked the veil of secrecy aside.
He covered this questionable topic extensively, how it is done and the lengths companies go to, in order to cover their tracks. One of the bombshells he dropped was regarding what is termed ‘Fertility Regulation’, the practise which includes sterilizing people secretly.

As Engdahl put it, the World Health Organization had a task force on vaccines for Fertility Regulation since 1973. For over 40 years the WHO has been looking for ways to use vaccines and injections to control the world’s fertility. These fertility regulating vaccines were hidden in smallpox vaccines in Africa, with the avowed purpose of “eliminating 150 million excess Sub Saharan Africans” and were distributed by the WHO starting in 1985. In the 1990’s the WHO vaccinated millions of women in Nicaragua, Mexico and the Philippines against tetanus; because only women of child bearing age were vaccinated the Church became suspicious and had the contents of the vaccine tested. They found that the Tetanus vaccine being spread by the WHO contained human Chorionic Gonadotrophin or hCG, a natural hormone which when combined with a tetanus toxoid carrier stimulated antibodies rendering women incapable of maintaining a pregnancy. None of the women vaccinated were told.

The FDA approved the same sterility vaccine in America.
One of the startling narratives Engdahl gave was the Genetic meddling of Mexican and Central American Corn which engendered the sterility of males who ate it.
“A small California biotech company, Epicyte, in 2001 announced the development of genetically engineered corn which contained a spermicide which made the semen of men who ate it sterile. At the time Epicyte had a joint venture agreement to spread its technology with DuPont and Syngenta, two of the sponsors of the Svalbard Doomsday Seed Vault. Epicyte was since acquired by a North Carolina biotech company. Astonishing to learn that Epicyte had developed its spermicidal GMO corn with research funds from the US Department of Agriculture, the same USDA which, despite worldwide opposition, continued to finance the development of Terminator technology, now held by Monsanto.” – From his book ‘Seeds of Destruction’ by F. William Engdahl.

The Gates Foundation, known for being a funder and a supporter of Eugenics, has released a ‘remote control’ implant birth control mechanism that lasts for 16 years. It was difficult to understand who controls the remote control. Of course it is marketed as a brilliant idea to save women making trips to the clinic, oh really.

A South African Paper carried an article in July 2014 stating KwaZulu-Natal’s Health Department is insisting female students who are going to study pharmacy in India are to be injected with contraceptives, pumped full of chemicals that can cause all sorts of hormonal upsets in the body. The injection evidently lasts for 3 years.
What of the Voluntary Vasectomy programme? Is the same Health Department insisting a male student had his testicular tubes disconnected prior to studying pharmacy abroad?

A woman may want children yet is subjected to undisclosed forced contraception, a different woman gets pregnant and cannot cope with the complexity of motherhood yet is forced into birthing a child (under the 2013 Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act in Ireland) or by everyone around her is decides to forbid an abortion…who thinks they have the ‘right’ to make all these decisions on behalf of women, taking their choices and personal power away?

Children are often born, not out of Love or want, but a quick drunken fuck into poverty, dejection, despair, mental imbalance, incapability, resentment, hurt and neglect. There is enough evidence available to see many people cannot manage parenting. Children are taken into care on a daily basis, where a whole new heap of issues may arise. The brunt of all these actions of irresponsible, immature adults and people playing God is firmly laden on the shoulders of the child.

Travelling around South Africa, it is not uncommon to see thin, downtrodden, troubled women with a child or two, on the streets, begging for food as the child sleeps on the pavement. A friend of mine works in the Grant Section of Government offices and told how a Somalian man had come to seek grants for his 20 children, evidently it is against the Somali Religion to use contraception, it is obviously not against the religion to deliver children into poverty where the parents cannot feed therm.



This absence of thinking in the Human Population is troubling.

It is common knowledge in South Africa if a woman asks a man to wear a condom it is an insult, insinuating they are ‘dirty’. Prevention of venereal disease, HIV, AIDS, or parenthood is still not high on the agenda.
The population is growing, in parts of the world where people are burdened by despair, poverty, unemployment and hopelessness. Understandably, men and woman look for escape in alcohol, drugs, gambling and sex..The temporary escape needs financing resulting in rocketing crime rates, murder, prison and the need to escape even more.

In 1960 there were 17.4 million people in South Africa today there are 54 million. That is official statistics not accounting for those not ‘on the books’ like foreign nationals and illegals, unemployment stands at 8.4 million that is 35%. In some areas it is 90%.

There are many studies relating climate change and population growth, this study carried out by Paul A. Murtaugh and Michael G. Schlax in 2009, states:
“…..the relationship between population growth and global warming determined that the “carbon legacy” of just one child can produce 20 times more greenhouse gas than a person will save by driving a high-mileage car, recycling, using energy-efficient appliances and light bulbs, etc. Each child born in the United States will add about 9,441 metric tons of carbon dioxide to the carbon legacy of an average parent. The study concludes, “Clearly, the potential savings from reduced reproduction are huge compared to the savings that can be achieved by changes in lifestyle.”

Food banks in Britain are growing exponentially; 13 million people live under the poverty line. In 2013 914,000 people were fed by food banks, 330,200 were children (Trussel Foundation).
More that 46 million Americans live in poverty. Some 413 million children around the world live in extreme poverty, and 24,000 of them die each day from lack of food and clean water or from preventable diseases.

The stance of some religions does not help when it comes to this issue, procreate at all costs.  A legacy of ruin, degradation and filth for future generations to face, bewildered at what their parents and grandparents let happen.

The approximated rate for population growth currently sits at 100,000 million a year. Will Humanity see Fertility Regulation as a solution or violation, with statistical evidence showing the unsustainable presence of men, women and children on Earth, does population regulation have to be forced? Faced with a Human Epidemic, can’t we see population growth is deconstructing the world in which we originally flourished, whist poisoning a world in which children may perish?

Diane Cox


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