Hypocrisy of Tolerance

All around there is a call for tolerance, acceptance and acquiescence. We smile and nod at Global choice issues, putting our civilized cultured learning into practise, we hug each other for permitting each individual, group and organization to state their personal opinion and action.

We tolerate taxation, government policy, warmongering, cruelty, beheadings, stonings, neglect, poverty, lies, prolific modern day slavery and a whole host of intolerable situations we claim we are against.

The British General Election of 2015 saw an astonishing amount of intolerance from voters, Labour voters, whose hard line is to demand fairness and equality for all,  wanted to deny that freedom of choice for Tory or UKIP voters. ‘Intelligent’ members of the public lambasted a UKIP or Green Party vote as a wasted vote, a Tory voter was nothing more than a rich, heartless bastard. Friendships broke down and families were divided, over the spectre of tolerance. As the next General Election looms in June 2017, there seems to be a huge wave of disinterest as the puppet circus is rolled out again, the empty promises, lies and whitewash.

apathy 2.PNG

In the UK we have become intolerant and even embarrassed of Patriotic displays, National Pride often associated with Fascism and any affiliation to Patriotism leads to being called racist, meanwhile we congratulate ourselves of our tolerance of other cultures passionately expressing theirs, whether those expressions seek to vilify and criticize that very same tolerance shown towards them.
In 1940 it was a very different sentiment, lives were lost to protect their Nation.


We open our arms to displaced refugees, terrorized, battered and bruised whilst looking above the heads of 100,000 homeless children in the UK.
Atrocities many would vehemently be opposed to, are overlooked, maybe it is because people won’t live without our cars, that millions tolerate women being given 100 lashes for being gang raped, the abuse and expulsion of  migrant workers or the death sentence for gay men in the Middle East, just so we get oil and petrol at an inflated price. The dot of Israel is hauled across the coals, while Hamas teach their children to hate and kill Jews.


The Hypocrisy of Tolerance.

In South Africa, a terrorist organization leader is welcomed and celebrated, whereas the Dalai Lama is refused entry. The World was intolerant of Apartheid Human Rights violations, during those terrible times, 21,000 deaths occurred over 67 years, 92% of which, it is reported, were due to ‘Black on Black’ inter tribal killings, yet today the World silently tolerates 70,000 murdered white farmers since the ANC regime took over 21 years ago.

There is outcry and intolerance towards Global pollution, yet we tolerate and buy imports from countries who are prolific polluters, rather than modify purchasing habits.

We tolerate explosive population, everyone has a right to breed but are intolerant of poverty, hunger and the destruction of Planet Earth.

We insist upon Freedom of Speech, but are intolerant of what we hear and see.
If tolerance equates with obedience, intolerance must equate to disobedience, history records what happens when the masses bow down obediently, tolerating a furious Dictator.

Apathy, ignorance and again mass hypnosis renders the weak minded as willing slaves, bombard the mind with appalling violence, war and death and numb the senses to the horrific.
To refuse and reject is a method of rebellion, disengage, take back possession of your thoughts. Your life is about what you tolerate, in your career, relationships, friendships, family affairs, what you buy and what you eat.

Don’t get upset about dolphins getting caught in nets if you eat the fish that support the action or get angry at inequality but buy products made in a Chinese slave sweatshop.
Stop tolerating the intolerable


Diane Cox

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Pig Farmers and Prima Donnas Book by Diane Cox






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