Ancient Healing Properties of Oak

Ancient Oak Trees are a steadfast vision on many landscapes around the World, symbolizing Protection, Strength, Endurance, Courage and Knowledge. Under an Oak Tree the mind can be focused, observing the inner and outer Worlds, while Intuition is sharpened and time is found to be present with your thoughts, hence the direction to travel is revealed. Oak is known as a Holy Tree, the Lord of Truth and molecular genetics suggest they have been around for 60 million years.


Oaks observe the history of mankind come and go, sharing gifts with those who live symbiotically with Nature and listen to their subtle language. The medicinal qualities of Oak bark, leaves and acorns span thousands of years. Druids, American Indians, Celts, Eastern Europeans, Russians, Asians, Greeks and Japanese used the healing properties, food, durable constructive wood and hot burning fire of Oak

* Acorns, have a very comprehensive protein content which is high amino acids, omega 6, Magnesium, Phosphorous, Niacin and Potassium. Acorns have high carbohydrate and fat percentage.
The bitter tannins must be removed before they are edible / palatable and ground into a course flour and used mush like other starches.


* Oak Apples or Oak Gall were used in the production of ink during the reign of the Roman Empire

*  Thin strips of the inner bark, placed them between the gum and lips, and left there over night heals sores of the gums and assist in tightening loose teeth. Here is a recipe for an effective natural tooth powder:

Mix together the following ingredients –

3 parts white oak bark powder

6 parts comfrey root powder

1 part powdered cloves

3 parts peppermint powder

½ part lobelia powder

3 parts horsetail/shavegrass powder

* The active ingredients in oak bark are tannin and quercin. Quercin is used along with bioflavinoids to strengthen capillaries and veins.

* White Oak bark also contains ample amounts of calcium, manganese, potassium and magnesium.

* Oak is host to the very important Tinder Fungus, which can burn for days.

* Snuff made from powdered Oak root was used to treat tuberculosis.

* Oak has astringent, antiseptic, anti viral, anti inflammatory properties and has also been used to stop internal bleeding, reduce fever, as a diuretic, anti-emetic and as an antidote for poisonous plants, insects and snake bites.

The Ancient Oak with a myriad of contributions to diet, health and Magical well being.


Diane Cox

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