The Sensual Touch of a Lover’s Hand

The intent…it is always about the intent. We feel the intent. So subtle, the intent glides though the body, into the hands, fingertips, lips, Heart.

It was as if his hand contained sensors, slowly feeling every curve it moved over, stopping on occasions, the waist, curve of her hips, thigh. She had no idea where his warm perception  would connect, she just knew when it did, her body would tingle, ripples of pleasure rolling out in a tide of luxurious sensations  His intent was calm, curious, appreciative and unhurried. His understated confidence was a source of undeniable arousal.

In the dark he touched her face, tracing  the shape of brow, nose and neck, he was quiet, while he drew her. The attention seeped into her, as did his tenderness. His mouth moved close, the unspoken intent a silent whisper as soft lips brushed her forehead, large hands pressing her shoulders down. His intent, slow, focused, commanding. There was nothing to do but surrender. Her intent to please, satisfy, seduce. She attempted to rise but he pushed her down with lips on her neck and his chest pressing against hers.The motion seeped into her, as did the sense of trust.
In the midst of the pillow he paused, inhaling the scent of her hair, as his hand made a decisive move downwards, travelling over the rise and fall from belly to mound. The feeling of his palm leisurely moving her mound made her hips want to dance with his rhythm, she smiled in the dark, a murmur exhaling from her throat.His hand moved away from the dance, in her desire she tried to push it back but it carried upwards wanting to feel the silken slopes and roundness of her breast, the crowning firmness of a tantalizing texture that captivated him, running his tongue over the goosebumps that his touch had caused, holding the tight tip of flesh between his teeth, leaving his wetness upon her as his thigh wedged between hers, she pushed against it, rubbing her pleasure centre along his muscle, continuing the dance and held him, tight. The pressure seeped into him, as did her passion.
Mouth upon mouth, exchanging silent words of longing and Love, glowing she reaches for him….

Making Love

Diane Cox book can be  viewed and purchased via the following link.

Pig Farmers and Prima Donnas by Diane Cox


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