How Voluptuous Venus affects your Home Comforts.

There is plenty of research regarding the healing frequencies of colour, Ancient cultures knew how to utilize light and colour for healing, Finnish Doctor Niels Ryberg Finsen, won the Nobel Prize in 1903 for his pioneering work in Light Therapy. Yet we are living in a world where ‘neutrals’ are often cited as the ‘in’ thing, a safe shade seemingly good for balance.
The people who advocated this advice must have been steady, sensible, no fuss Virgos or Capricorns and yes if you have a generous sprinkling of Earth in your Astrological Chart, type that will work wonders. However if you are happen to be a dreamy Pisces or whacky Aquarian, ‘neutrals’ are rather dull and boring. Now hear this out before rolling your eyes at such a suggestion, there is something to these Ancient Arts!
A smidgen of explanation can clarify how your Astrological ‘Blueprint’ and personal Map of the Stars at the moment you were born, can reveal aspects of your character.
If you were born on the 14th of January, in the general way of Astrology you are considered to be a Capricorn, that is, the Sun was in the constellation of Capricorn at the time of your birth, this represents a tiny amount of your Astrological ‘Blueprint’. What constellation was the Moon in, or Venus, Mercury and Mars?
Astrology is a complex blend of Cosmic influence and a valuable tool for guidance, self understanding, career, relationships and can be used to bring out the best and be aware of pitfalls, this is why it can be applied to making the most of your personal living space so you really feel comfortable in your own home.

There are certain Astrological Signs and the Planets that ‘Rule’ them, which naturally gravitate to surrounding themselves with finery and luxury, for example, those born with a generous helping of Taurus in their Astrological Chart or a particular strong Venus.

Let us take an overview of Taurus and explore how this all works.

Taurus is an Earth sign; it is represented by the Bull, ruled by Venus, the Goddess of Love and Beauty. There is the first clue. Taureans are known to like good food, wine, cars, furnishings; they garner a feeling of secure satisfaction from their collection of material achievements and good for them! Taureans like to enjoy the evidence of their perseverance and reliability; it is a solid and dependable foundation, just like them.
The living space of those born with this Earthy, grounded energy must be refined; colours of Nature would procure a sense of comfort, greens, browns and stony hues. Their heightened aesthetic sense suggests plush interiors, no wires visible, fine smelling candles, plump cushions, natural fabrics, wood, sophisticated lighting. Taureans are not big fans of change so the furnishings can be built in and made to last!

Those with Taurus in their Charts are understood to be sensual people; the dining area will be important, candlesticks, napkin holders, sturdy cutlery, crystal glasses and of course fine wines to fill them up with. This sumptuousness must echo all around the home for Taureans, the bedding must be luxurious; the bathroom would have the best super fluffy cotton towels and bespoke soaps, shampoos and all manner of body pampering products!

Taurean Table

The sign that sits opposite Taurus in Astrology is Scorpio, so how do the needs of Scorpios differ from Taureans when it comes to basking in comforts at home?
Well, if we start off by saying that Scorpio is ‘ruled’ by Pluto and in the old days Mars, the atmosphere automatically shifts. Venus, the Goddess of Love and Beauty is replaced with the God of the Underworld and Mars, God of War. Scorpio is a Water Sign and it represents the deepest aspects of Water. Consider being out in a small rowing boat on a lake at night, how would you feel surrounded by dark water? Or turn your thoughts to a Castle, with shady passages, corners and dungeons. Earth tones are just not going to do it for those who have Scorpio and Pluto influencing their Charts.
Scorpios are known for being intense, secretive, for getting to the bottom of things and going where others fear to tread. Their homes therefore will reflect some of that, reds, purples and dark hues would be welcomed by this kind of character. Unusual artifacts, places to put their private possessions and keep their secrets safe, treasure chests, hidden compartments, emotive paintings and sculptures, arrangements that mesmerize and pull you in. There may be a line of potions and tinctures in the bathroom, the bedroom is important, Scorpios are famous for their passion, so make it a Den of Love. Scorpios are not known for their entertaining so the kitchen won’t be a focal point as long as it functions for the basics, that will do.  You may find that the Scorpio home is shadowy, one of those homes where the light needs to be on during the day, they may have the blinds constantly half closed or heavy drapes at the window and there will probably be books, lots of books, therefore storage space and shelving is essential.

Scorpio Den

Can you imagine being a Scorpio with a Taurus partner? Or a being a Taurus with a few planets in Scorpio? The many ways these homely preferences can be expressed and debated over are numerous.

Go with what makes you feel like a King or Queen in your own domain, colour can be stimulating, calming, an aid to digestion, it is uplifting and grounding. Be adventurous, exploring and finding expression for your own personality, have fun or be practical, depending on whichever Planet dominates your wonderful unique Astrological Blueprint…enjoy creating the prefect home that reflects who you are and what makes you content.

Diane Cox
Moon Fire Magic

Astrologer, Sacred Sound Journeys, Author.

Moon Fire Magic Website



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