A Mind Melding Art Experiment

What would it be like to connect with a group of individuals over the mystical threads of invisible communication and create a piece of Art? Well, I gave it a go, nothing ventured, nothing gained.
Friends were invited to send me a message with an image they’d like to see in the Group Collective Painting, a simple suggestion that appealed to them at the time.When 14 participants had sent me their ideas which included a storm, forest, phoenix, revolution, Sun tiger, castle, autumn leaves, ivy, a musician, Aphrodite, a rainbow, Shadow and sacred geometry, I closed the entries as 14 contributions was more than enough to get into one piece!
I sat and meditated on the shapes and colours of these ideas for days and when the time felt right, channeled the rush of all the collective energies and created the initial foundation of the piece, remaining in a trance state throughout, working with the Unconscious as the words and images floated around and hopefully made there way onto the board.
Oils, acrylics, plaster, sand, inks and anything else at hand was used.

When this first stage was completed, I left it to dry and walked away, not looking at it for a day or two. When I returned and stood it up and took a few paces back, I thought, “Blimey, what a mess” I didn’t like the how the colours had blended or the chaos of the forms, which isn’t surprising after 14 people had jumped in there and jostled for an expressive space. However, after rotating the painting a number of times, some of the ideas had really made their mark, it was astounding to see.
Over the weeks each idea was brought to life, out of the background and into its own Light, some were very abstract and required some teasing out, whilst others took a definite shape and represented the idea clearly.

This is how the Storm came out. A large cloud with the beginnings of a tornado spiralling downwards and what looks like lightning emerging.

Collective Storm 1

The Phoenix, developed into a large green bird with its mouth open and a beady eye, wings outspread, soaring above the storm.

Collective Phoenix

The Leopard was made apparent by the position of the eyes and grew into this majestic creature peering through the clouds, the Autumn leaves can also be seen here.

Collective Leopard

The Musician was one of the trickiest to discover and did require some artistic licence and imagination to bring to life, I have put a blue line around the image, which obviously wasn’t in the original piece, just for clarity.

Outline Collective Musician

A blue faced Aphrodite steals the show in the middle of the painting, and the Sun Tiger hides a little behind her arm at the top of the staircase, the forest can be seen under the storm and the castle turret in the lower left hand section. The ‘revolution’ turned out to be a kind of explosion with a Love Heart bursting upwards and the Shadow, as always is the Dark contrast, this time behind Aphrodite.
The Collective Creation as a whole looked like this. There seems to be a penguin that appeared in the bottom right had waterfall, a pair of figures sitting at the bottom on a wall, one who seems to be looking over his shoulder at us and a Fire Goddess at the base of Aphrodite!

The Collective Creation

The experiment of artistic mind melding was a really enjoyable one and I kept the painting for a while before sanding it down and re-birthing the board for something new, a practical exercise in non-attachment. I look forward to the next opportunity to do a Psychic Art Meld again.

Diane Cox

August 2016



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