Do Not Mourn the Crashing Wave

Todays Verdandi Moment –

Spring is coming in the Southern Hemisphere, the nip from the South Pole still makes itself known, my feet are in flip flops as I walk along the coastal path. The Indian Ocean is so clear, the shapes that the Sun make on the rocks are hypnotizing as is the kelp that ebbs and flows with the tide, sitting down on a rock I let the Sea wash over my skin, its cold tingle soon subsides to a pleasant buzz, the kind that lets you know you’re alive!
A swell takes me by surprise and drenches my dress, oh well, I have a bit further to walk, the Sun and breeze will dry it off.
It is Whale spotting season, at any moment a black grey fin or tail may appear above the surface, the sound and vision of a Blow is delightful. If I am really lucky they may be in jolly breaching mode, hurling themselves out of the water just to crash back again, making a mighty splash.

I walk further along and sit on another rock where the waves are breaking, watching the rise and fall of each wave, their short lives captivate, all over the World humans are watching the short magical lives of waves, not sorrowful, for their grace and beauty in that moment bring peace and awe.
Their fellow waves do not mourn the crashing of one or for that matter, the birth of another…for the Oceans are vast, containing all waves within One.



Diane Cox

Book Pig Farmers and Prima Donnas by Diane Cox


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