12th House Stellium in Cancer

Stelliums are a cluster of planets in the same sign or house, they jump out grabbing your attention to relay their urgent messages. The Stellium to be discussed here is in the 12th House with a spill over into the first. This is how the bundle looks –


As we see, the 12th House contains:
Mercury in Gemini, Mars in Cancer, Sun in Cancer, Venus in Cancer, this moves onto Cancer Ascendant and then in the 1st House we find Moon in Cancer and Part of Fortune in Cancer.
Imagine the ways this Stellium manifests in the individuals life. 6 Cancerian / Cardinal influences! A true Cancerian if you ever saw one, take the typical words that relate Cancer and times them by 6. Wave after wave carries this Crab Collective to and fro, some determined to sit at the back of the cave while others patrol the rocky borders, some placid, others not.
There is no doubt with this planetary set up, what you see what you get, the usual ‘mask’ of the ascendant, normally with a number of other aspects living behind it waiting to be discovered is absent here, what you have is 6 Crabs standing in a line, staring you down and saying nothing, with 12 eyes and 12 ears, don’t think for a minute they miss a trick, they see and hear it all.
This much Cancer in a Chart leads to such high perceptive abilities, a honed sixth sense, amplified by the 12th House placing.
Having this Planetary set up means this person brings their full Crabbiness with them wherever they go, the first impressions they make and what they want people to know about them is their authentic self, for all to see, up front, 12 pincers held in the air, ready to surround you, give you a warning nip or scuttle away in various directions if you say or do something disagreeable.


One might be fooled into thinking this person is a mush of emotion, sitting in a corner, enjoying seclusion, eating cake and stroking kittens. But not so, my fellow Stargazers, look at the photograph above! Crabs seem to be built for battle and that shell can be very hard to penetrate, what a relief they have a soft underbelly to tickle once you have navigated the booby trapped path to their inner sanctum.

For a moment, consider Mars in Cancer, the God of War, a fiery go get ’em kind of crazy Being inhabiting the guise of a King Crab. Yes, Mars doesn’t like to be drenched in water, having to wade through it, bogged down, slowed down, getting annoyed living in a confined shell, but look at the possibilities. If Mars learned how to wield those pincers, develop a little more restraint, hoard a plethora of weapons and note those marvellous Crab manoeuvres…well there could be some pleasure in this position for Mars after all.
Cancer Crabs must take Mars to the back of the cave and teach it patience before the strike, logistical tactics and the art of ambush.

In this Chart Mars, the Sun and Venus are all in conjunction with each other and in this 12th House Stellium, all three of them conjunct the Ascendant. Therefore the usual dynamics of conjunctions between Mars, Venus, the Sun and the Ascendant, such as leadership, competitiveness, passion, drive, sensuality, assertiveness, charm, excitement, adventurousness,  want to fly beneath the radar, out of sight, living behind the scenes, but this is not possible when conjunct the Ascendant! They cannot hide. The numerous possibilities of the multi faceted conjunction can become internalized, curiously making the person at times, reluctant to accept or utilize their personal power, finding it uncomfortable to acknowledge their affect on social situations, the opposite sex and the ease of influencing others decisions. Even though maybe secretly, they know it all too well.

The Cancerian nurturing abilities are obvious and apparent with this individual and interestingly they exhibit 12th House ‘behaviour’  within themselves, with insular pastimes and hobbies based in the home, feeding their desires for solitude, self care and ‘mothering’ the inner child. These Crabs feed on a diet of the Cardinal qualities, subsequently the collective are innately active, self motivated, dynamic and when something triggers self protection, they can be opinionated, inconsiderate and domineering, especially with Mars Sun conjunction, however they do enjoy a good joust.
The Part of Fortune also signifies a self reliance, confidence and a gift this Crab has to share with the World at large that is intrinsically linked to the unique example they set.

This Crab is intensely private, however utilizes the charm, sensitivity and magnetism when forced out of the cave into daily life, Mercury is in Gemini which adds sparkle, wit and intelligence to all forms of communication. The bounce between the 12th House comfort within the cave and having to go out in the daylight to face the World is a balancing act that must be achieved.
With their Moon in the 1st House, everyone knows how they are feeling at any given moment, the range of emotions are out there for all to experience, there are no crossed wires with Moon in Cancer in the 1st, just a look, a sigh, a tip of the head at a certain angle send the messages loud and clear. How they feel and truly expressing it is vital, which can take others off guard. The well known suppressed Mars in Cancer, with outbursts of annoyance at seemingly inappropriate moments is possible.

Then there is the healing, the connection to mysticism, magic, psychic ability, Spiritual Knowing…and Self Undoing!
This Stellium suggests they know a thing or two and it seems one of their Karmic and present challenges with this is to bring that insight to the front of the cave for us all to understand, those adept pincers are holding treasures of information, but in true Cancerian style they gather it up, collect it and store it in dark recesses. Bring it into the Light please! Share it with us, we want to see what you see…


The Crab Collective will protect what it has and until you have been through their Cosmic Scanner, satisfied the detailed criteria for access and navigated the Path lined with sophisticated sorcery, you’ll be getting nothing.

I’ll finish with this quote, which I feel is very apt for this Cancer 12th House Stellium, it is  by an 11th century Chinese scholar from Stephen Arroyo’s book Astrology, Psychology and the Four Elements, a revealing insight into those with a torrent of Water in their Charts –

“Water is yielding, but all conquering. Water extinguishes Fire, or finding itself likely to be defeated, escapes as steam and reforms. Water washes away soft Earth, or when confronted by rocks, seeks a way around… It saturates the atmosphere so wind dies. Water gives way to obstacles with deceptive humility for no power can prevent it following its destined course to the Sea. Water conquers by yielding; it never attacks but always wins the last battle.”

Diane Cox
October 2016




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