Jonny’s Gift – An unexpected insight into Down’s Syndrome

Unpredictable behaviour in Humans can be unsettling, we fear what we don’t understand, whether that is the stern, serious Professor who after a few drinks takes off her top at the Christmas Party and dances around in her bra eventually getting her boobs out on show or the reserved office assistant who turns into a roaring monster killing machine at a paintball ice breaker outing. It can be unnerving to see an Alter Ego emerge from the Shadows.
It is different being in the proximity of people who live with a condition which fosters constant unpredictability. Seeing a Mum being spit on and and hit by her 6ft Autistic Son is a shock, he couldn’t communicate well, making a series of loud and emotive sounds to try and make his point understood. It was upsetting to witness, she coped admirably, hardly flinching, obviously used to the situation. It was normality for him.
Being around people who cannot communicate or use speech in a ‘formal’ way often makes people uncomfortable, as it is unknown territory, the usual greetings and platitudes appear to be redundant. Those who live or work closely with individuals that have different  behaviour and speech patterns comprehend that there are channels open, they just have to be explored and closely observed.
As a career communicator the idea of someone having no idea what I am expressing is difficult to accept, what is even worse is that I may not understand them.

A friend of mine is also a career communicator, with many strings to her talented bow. Both of our Paths of Career Happiness is laid with the foundations of communicating with people, finding out how they tick and assisting them to contentment.
After many years she finally found her way to a kind, considerate and loving man who happened to have children, one of which has Down’s Syndrome, his name is Jonny.
Jonny has limited speech, his communication is simple, often using Makaton signs to get messages across. Jonny became a topic of many conversations between us, we wondered if he was aware of the difference between him and the free flowing speakers of the World, if he was happy, if he was frustrated, our mutual interest in Self Realization meant we discussed the Spiritual and Emotional Path of Beings who have this type of life and wonder what they think or deduce about their situation. Someone doesn’t miss Red if they have never seen it, why miss communicating in the socially accepted way when it hasn’t been on your agenda this time around. As a Sign Language Interpreter and excellent observer and listener, she found ways of recognizing his needs.
I haven’t met Jonny, and from all I hear about him, I like him.

Last Summer, I went to stay with my friend, Cupids Arrow had resulted in marriage and the smiling Lovers were putting on their second celebratory Afternoon High Tea, with family and friends. She took me to my  airy and light room, overlooking the garden where the apple tree proudly displayed its juicy red fruits and the birds sang with Joy in their Hearts.
It was Jonny’s room.
Jonny and his siblings had been to the first Afternoon High Tea in a location further East, so I still was not going to get to meet him. Sitting on the bed I looked around at the things Jonny  looked at when he was there, the posters, a football scarf on the wall, photographs. Did Jonny listen to the birds and look out of the window to admire the garden, watching the Robins peck on fallen apples? What crossed his mind during the day? He played computer games and watched films and I was curious about how that incoming information was processed.
Being the Intuitive Kind, I decided to lie down on the bed and tune in to Jonny’s vibe, to put my head where his head regularly lay, to consciously listen to the Energetic echoes and images that Jonny left between visits, wondering if there chaos, restriction and exasperation.

Kicking off my shoes and placing my feet on the bed, I picked a preferable spot and slowly lowered my head onto the pillow, hoping for a connection to be made. After a few breaths  the images quickly came into view, it was an unexpected revelation.

There was an enormous tree, it was an unusual tree, pale wood, almost white, sitting half way up, I peered at the highest branches and then what lay beyond, it was not sky , but bright outer space, a white night sky, gentle moving Energy that seemed to go on for ever, it felt warm and unravelled before my eyes, There were white flickering Sparks dancing around, smiling, they told me they were ‘Daylight Stars’. Tiny  Blue Birds swiftly flew about, their song was sweet, happy, alive!
Visible, multi coloured waves drifted by and the whole scene seemed to be Inhaling and Exhaling, there was an undeniable comforting Rhythm throughout this place with a peaceful sense of weightlessness.

And then there was the Love, oh my goodness, the Love, a Love that brought tears to my eyes, a Love that enfolds and cherishes, Infinitely and Unconditionally.
Tinkling bells could be heard somewhere off in the distance and nothing mattered, only this moment, this sense of Being, this Infinite Love.

Is this what an extra Chromosome resulted in, a direct connection to some Cosmic Highway? Was speech necessary when he had constant access to this Vision, mundane ‘normal’ life and conversations about washing up, tax and news couldn’t compare.
It had only been 10 minutes since my head touched the pillow, Loving Eternity rippled through my Soul, I stood up, slightly trembling, humbled and astonished at receiving Jonny’s Gift.

Diane Cox

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