Natural Eye Remedies that work!

None of the opticians or Doctors could agree on what condition my partner had in his eyes. They were red and swollen, not itchy or sore but he did look like a vampire at times. Thoughts of sinus infection, virus, conjunctivitis and allergy had been suggested, but nothing he had been prescribed alleviated his condition. The drops, creams and slaves of various kinds sometimes had a temporary effect, but the next day, the redness would re-appear and he felt he was back to square one. This went on for 7 months.
He refined his diet,  had reflexology, reviewed his life load and extraneous stress factors, yet the eyes still insisted upon his attention.
Then eventually I got it! Damn.
I had been giving him all kinds of advice about what to do, which he was often reluctant to follow, as most of them required a little more patience with preparation and application. Now it was my turn to put my money where my mouth was and do all the things I had been harping on about.

My own concoction was as thus:

Put a few twists of Himalayan salt in a small bowl or ramekin
Add a few leaves of Rue
Add a small sprig of Santolina
If you have some, add a squirt of DMSO
Pour on boiling water to cover and stir
Wait for the water to cool a bit and then dip a cotton wool disc into solution and gently dab around eyes.
Get another piece of cotton wool or sterile tissue and dip it in solution, drop two drops of solution into eye,
Cover solution and use three times a day.
(On several occasions I soaked cucumber in the solution, washing and bathing my eyes with the slices)

In between this I also made a Turmeric Inhalation with one drop of Origanum Oil in it to assist the sinuses.

Using a breakfast bowl
Add 1 teaspoon of Turmeric
1 drop of Origanum Oil
Fill bowl with boiling water and stir
Get a towel and cover your head, close your eyes while gently inhaling the steam from the bowl.

I also purchased Nano Silver Colloid Eye Drops for extra support in case I needed it and used Crystal Singing Bowls, Tuning Forks and Aura Chimes twice.


My partners eyes are well on the mend now and the one thing that made a huge difference was SLEEP! He started to go to bed very early, wore an eye mask and aimed to get over 8 hours of good quality sleep. At the same time, he cut his coffee consumption down, increased his water intake, fasted regularly and reduced the time he spent on a computer / ipad screen, especially before bed.
Using the above methods, my eyes have cleared up in a week, and I will continue with the Eye wash and Dropping for another week to make sure it has totally gone away.

This may not suit everybody, however thought it may be useful to those who have an interest in Natural remedies. I read some interesting approaches to eye imbalances that worked for people including Essential Oil Blends, use of Coconut Oil and Herbal Teas, Eyebright and Bilberry being popular choices.
Thanks for reading!



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