Death is Birth – A Cycle of Regeneration and Transformation.

The following is a transcript of my audio recording entitled ‘Comprehending Death, the Cycle of Regeneration and Transformation’ with a good amount of ‘Umm’, ‘ahhh’, ‘you know’ and gibberish edited out! (Link at the end of this transcript)

“The idea of coping with Death as a life skill, is born out of the fact that the majority of people live in the Shadow and fear of Death, and if we were only taught early on in life that Death is a transformation, Death is just a transforming from one state to another state, that could change.
If you believe that all there is is the tangible, the see-able, the touchable, and there is nothing after this tangible manifested earthy existence, then it s not surprising that people find it difficult. My friend used to say it doesn’t matter who you are, the King of Spain or the biggest high earning celebrity in the world, you know we  all end up in  box, that’s it, the end, finish, that’s it, you have this glorious life or not so glorious life and then we all end up in a box.
And I can understand therefore if you feel life isn’t going the way you think or it is not success, whatever that means, and then you die and end up in a box, yes it’s going to be a little bit traumatic to think you haven’t achieved and all you did was got up, sat in a traffic jam and served some government ideal and ended up in a box.

So there are many ways of thinking about this, if there was a thought of something more, the Energy that feeds the trees after the winter that move from bare branches into shoots, into leaves, into lemons, into almonds, into plums, into oranges, the stark cold earth that then comes up with wheat and vegetables and wonderful Earthy things that sustain our life.
If people just looked at the Earth in winter and said,  “That’s it, it’s all over obviously, all  the vegetables have gone to be in their own box, that’s it, the end. nothing s ever going to regenerate.” They would be severely mistaken.


You see this regeneration, what happens to those stark branches with nothing on them, the cold brown barren Earth, what happens when spring comes and everything starts to regenerate? What is that caused by? I always think it is so obvious that there is something else, something about life that is so magical and mystical but its all around us, it shows us that life continues, life carries on. The leaves come every year they are not the same leaves, they are different leaves and they fall off, they feed the Earth and something magical happens and they regenerate

So going back to the idea of Death if you feel that yes, you have your six score years and ten and then you end up in a box and that was it, that’s what life was about I can see how that can cause a little bit of disquiet if your life isn’t going the way you want.

If children were taught about this transformative process that we call Death right from the beginning, that OK, walking for instance could be considered  Death, you come out you can’t walk or talk and you die to crawling, because you then begin to walk, you die to being unable to communicate with words  and then you learn to speak, every day is a transformative process, every day something dies and something is reborn but if we look at Death as an end, a finality, then yes I think that is quite traumatic.

But if we take into consideration that when you die to crawling you learn to walk, that really is a very positive transformation, if you die to eating mashed up food and then start eating solid food, is that a terrible thing? Is that the end of it all, no everything is transforming, and I don’t know the person to credit this to but this idea that Energy never ends, Energy never ceases it just always transforms, nothing ever dies it just transforms into another state.
If children were taught that the minute they start to walk:
“Yay! Good for you, little Johnny has taken 4 steps today, yay, that is the Death of crawling! Woo Hoo!”
You know if that happened it would be a very different way of being

First Steps
“Yay! Little Johnny has stopped eating liquids and he has some teeth and is eating solids, yay! That’s the Death of liquid food, woo hoo!”
It would transform it, so when a child experiences the Death of a person a physical person imagine if Death came around in the way of;
“Yay, woo hoo! Grandad has died to this kind of body and is kind of in a whole  different place now, where he is everything and knows everything. He’s blended with the trees and the air and the clouds and the Sun and the Moon and the Stars, wow imagine the life Grandad is having”

But if you think that Grandad is now in a box and that’s the end of it all, withering away and decomposing, or put into the big fire and that’s it, it’s a very different thing.
(Even though these thoughts are valid and an important part of understanding the rituals around Death)

Of course, there is still the grieving process, the mourning, the loss, the feeling of the loss, the sadness of the loss . There is great healing in grieving thoroughly and feeling the loss, acknowledging the loss of the presence of a Being in your life that was really soul enhancing, warm, happy, joyful.
I do know of people that have been actually relieved at the loss of someone as a kind of closure of chapter, of… that’s it, the end, none of the Energy between us anymore that was fractious. The flip side is losing an Energy between another person who was extremely loving, giving and caring. So, of course yes, one always has to acknowledge grieving, loss and the mourning process.
There are cultures around the World who celebrate Death, transformation.

I went to a talk a while ago, it was about “Star Societies”, as they called them, I really loved it, “Star Societies” those Beings that don’t live on Earth. The whole idea that this Death thing that we call it, is just a change of frequency, which it actually obviously is. It’s like the film , ‘Men who stare at goats’, about the experiments of the US army in the 50’s, trying to get men to train to be able to run through walls, because there was all this knowledge they realized about changing frequency and vibration, you can actually blend with a tree, walk through walls, its all about a change of frequency, a change of vibration.
But this doom, fear based idea that it’s all just the end, you die and you end up feeding the worms, which is not such a bad thing to do, it’s like the trees, they feed us with oxygen every day, so, hey, what’s it to us that our body gives them a bit of nourishment.
But yes, I can understand why some people do feel that….. horror….. of going into the ground.

I really feel there is a place in the education system all over the World for this re-calibration and rethinking of what people call Death and really allowing people to cope with it.

One thing I have found about Death, dealing with people in a therapy situation is the terrible weight and burden people carry with regret. Someone dies, changes frequency, transforms and is no longer accessible to us in the physical form, that if they have regrets they never did the things they wanted to do, they left on bad terms, they hadn’t been speaking for years or the Death was a little bit traumatic, it leaves a stress, a trauma around it. Well the trauma can be healed, the trauma can be dealt with, but I do find people have been slowly destroyed by regret around Death.
It probably comes full circle to the point of…. well OK, lets live life with my relationships and the people around me that if they do die today, if something actually  happens, my heart feels happy about where that relationships was. my heart feels good.
If you’ve had a fall out and someone has done you a wrong and you don’t want to be in connection with that person, you have to make sure you feel fine with it, you feel OK with it, I feel fine with that, I wish them all the best, I wish them every happiness but their Energy does not enhance my existence, I don’t wish them any harm and if they die tomorrow that’s fine, if I haven’t seen them or spoken to them, that s fine as long as they were happy and living the life they wanted, that’s fine. It doesn’t mean you have to be around people who don’t enhance your personal joy and freedom of Being.
I do think teaching children about that from a very young age, if they have done or said something where there is an unpleasantness and then someone transforms, changes frequencies, dies, whatever you want to call it, that they make sure they are in a state where everything is happy in their heart about that relationship, same with pets.

I think the life skill of coping with this would make life quite different, if people were taught how to cope with this constant event. If people were taught:
“Sweetheart you are dying every day, look yesterday you couldn’t tie the laces of your shoes and today you can!” It is a natural cycle.
And if children were closer to nature like some of them are, that obvious example in nature of everything regenerating, then I think coping with the Death of loved ones. they’d have a fighting chance of getting on with it, dealing with it and coping with it and going “Well this is natural”, and that is the whole thing this is natural, transformation is natural.


I don’t know who to credit this to, I have only heard Anthony Robbins say it “The one constant in life is change” Nothing stays the same, nothing stays unchanged and if children are taught that, everything’s changing, your hair changes, your skin changes we regenerate constantly. If this is taught, everything dies and is reborn or if you prefer regenerates, everything grows again, then the Shadow around Death would feel different.
The whole Death word even has a down kind of feeling whereas ‘the ultimate transformation’, ‘transforming’, ‘changing frequency’ is more, for me, accurate to what it actually is as opposed to Death, the grim reaper.
Of course unless you want to think about Death in the film ‘Meet Joe Black’ where Death is Brad Pitt who comes to your bedside and lays his hands on you and you pass from one form of existence  into another. That can’t be all bad now can it?
If you are a man you can think of your own Transformative Angel coming to your bedside or wherever you are in order to make the transformation, and for me it is making the transformation home.
As Andreas Moritz said, Birth is the actual Death you come from being everything, the huge expansion of Energy knowing everything, being in touch with everything, feeling this huge infinite energetic way of being and then your Spirit gets born into this tiny body that can’t speak or walk or do anything for itself, no wonder babies cry, because you’ve suddenly found yourself actually in a box , ha ha which is quite funny, actually in a box in the form of a human body, a very, very, very small human body, that’s the actual Death. And you have your time on Earth and learn the lessons you wanted to learn, you cross paths with the people that have agreed to teach you some very specific learnings you wanted to learn and they can be very unpleasant or very pleasant and then you transform back into this wonderful big I AM, the everything, the Infinite Intelligence that is Life and Death and Ultimate Transformation.”

Audio Version ‘Comprehending Death – The Cycle of Regeneration and Transformation’

Diane Cox
September 2017

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8 thoughts on “Death is Birth – A Cycle of Regeneration and Transformation.

  1. Very interesting post and exactly how I feel about life. Enjoy everyday and all the changes that take place within and without. Tell and show people you love them and they matter to you. Those whom you love but drain you, love from afar and send loving energy. Take the shadow days as openly as the light days and know that this too will pass as your energy is transformed from a physical body back to spirit energy. Be in nature and teach children from their early stages of development. Lovely post.


  2. I found this post highly intriguing as well as very perception altering! In fact, this was something i believe in too, that death isn’t just a one time event and neither is birth. Both are continual and always happening, its only the perceptions that vary I guess 😀
    Great post Anna!


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