Verdandi – Norse Goddess of The present, one of the Fates or Norns, her name means ‘That which is’.
Too often people wait for the right time, to live their life to the full, to follow their Dreams and skinny dip under a Full Moon. There is only the Present. This time. Now.

Do it now.

Diane Birthday 2


This is the blog of Diane Cox, lifelong seeker of Illumination. I get pleasure from writing about the unspoken, Magic, Astrology, Nature, Wellness, that which gets swept under the carpet, the unjust and Politics. Well, the unjust and politics has slipped a bit as the idiocy and general low intelligence of too many humans is just too bizarre to allocate time to.
I’ve used far too many ‘Too’s and To’s’ in that last sentence  😀


‘Verdandi’ replaces my previous blog which was called ‘The Difference being’, some articles have been edited and re-posted from there.

In 2013 I got to fulfill an ambition and published a book, a humorous, frank reflection on spending over 30 years working in the Spa and Natural Health World, face to face with some extraordinary Humans and some really warped deranged ones.
Here is a link to it, Pig Farmers and Prima Donnas available on Amazon Kindle Edition with a free App download for your device if you don’t use Kindle.

My two websites are as follows:

Moon Fire Magic and Diane Cox Art


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