Natural Eye Remedies that work!

None of the opticians or Doctors could agree on what condition my partner had in his eyes. They were red and swollen, not itchy or sore but he did look like a vampire at times. Thoughts of sinus infection, virus, conjunctivitis and allergy had been suggested, but nothing he had been prescribed alleviated his condition. […]

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12th House Stellium in Cancer

Stelliums are a cluster of planets in the same sign or house, they jump out grabbing your attention to relay their urgent messages. The Stellium to be discussed here is in the 12th House with a spill over into the first. This is how the bundle looks – As we see, the 12th House contains: […]

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A Mind Melding Art Experiment

What would it be like to connect with a group of individuals over the mystical threads of invisible communication and create a piece of Art? Well, I gave it a go, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Friends were invited to send me a message with an image they’d like to see in the Group Collective Painting, […]

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