12th House Stellium in Cancer

Stelliums are a cluster of planets in the same sign or house, they jump out grabbing your attention to relay their urgent messages. The Stellium to be discussed here is in the 12th House with a spill over into the first. This is how the bundle looks – As we see, the 12th House contains: […]

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Ancient Healing Properties of Oak

Ancient Oak Trees are a steadfast vision on many landscapes around the World, symbolizing Protection, Strength, Endurance, Courage and Knowledge. Under an Oak Tree the mind can be focused, observing the inner and outer Worlds, while Intuition is sharpened and time is found to be present with your thoughts, hence the direction to travel is […]

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Learning to Fly on New Years Eve

Temperatures inched towards 40 degrees, the best place to endure it was under a Milkwood where dappled light choreographed a fluid dance on the stones, leaves, bark and grass. The large Milkwood was home to variety of birds, ‘White Eyes, Starlings, Sun birds  and pigeons got on with admirable diplomacy, ample space and food satisfied […]

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Hypocrisy of Tolerance

All around there is a call for tolerance, acceptance and acquiescence. We smile and nod at Global choice issues, putting our civilized cultured learning into practise, we hug each other for permitting each individual, group and organization to state their personal opinion and action. We tolerate taxation, government policy, warmongering, cruelty, beheadings, stonings, neglect, poverty, […]

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