Do Not Mourn the Crashing Wave

Todays Verdandi Moment –

Spring is coming in the Southern Hemisphere, the nip from the South Pole still makes itself known, my feet are in flip flops as I walk along the coastal path. The Indian Ocean is so clear, the shapes that the Sun make on the rocks are hypnotizing as is the kelp that ebbs and flows with the tide, sitting down on a rock I let the Sea wash over my skin, its cold tingle soon subsides to a pleasant buzz, the kind that lets you know you’re alive!
A swell takes me by surprise and drenches my dress, oh well, I have a bit further to walk, the Sun and breeze will dry it off.
It is Whale spotting season, at any moment a black grey fin or tail may appear above the surface, the sound and vision of a Blow is delightful. If I am really lucky they may be in jolly breaching mode, hurling themselves out of the water just to crash back again, making a mighty splash.

I walk further along and sit on another rock where the waves are breaking, watching the rise and fall of each wave, their short lives captivate, all over the World humans are watching the short magical lives of waves, not sorrowful, for their grace and beauty in that moment bring peace and awe.
Their fellow waves do not mourn the crashing of one or for that matter, the birth of another…for the Oceans are vast, containing all waves within One.



Diane Cox

Book Pig Farmers and Prima Donnas by Diane Cox


How Voluptuous Venus affects your Home Comforts.

There is plenty of research regarding the healing frequencies of colour, Ancient cultures knew how to utilize light and colour for healing, Finnish Doctor Niels Ryberg Finsen, won the Nobel Prize in 1903 for his pioneering work in Light Therapy. Yet we are living in a world where ‘neutrals’ are often cited as the ‘in’ thing, a safe shade seemingly good for balance.
The people who advocated this advice must have been steady, sensible, no fuss Virgos or Capricorns and yes if you have a generous sprinkling of Earth in your Astrological Chart, type that will work wonders. However if you are happen to be a dreamy Pisces or whacky Aquarian, ‘neutrals’ are rather dull and boring. Now hear this out before rolling your eyes at such a suggestion, there is something to these Ancient Arts!
A smidgen of explanation can clarify how your Astrological ‘Blueprint’ and personal Map of the Stars at the moment you were born, can reveal aspects of your character.
If you were born on the 14th of January, in the general way of Astrology you are considered to be a Capricorn, that is, the Sun was in the constellation of Capricorn at the time of your birth, this represents a tiny amount of your Astrological ‘Blueprint’. What constellation was the Moon in, or Venus, Mercury and Mars?
Astrology is a complex blend of Cosmic influence and a valuable tool for guidance, self understanding, career, relationships and can be used to bring out the best and be aware of pitfalls, this is why it can be applied to making the most of your personal living space so you really feel comfortable in your own home.

There are certain Astrological Signs and the Planets that ‘Rule’ them, which naturally gravitate to surrounding themselves with finery and luxury, for example, those born with a generous helping of Taurus in their Astrological Chart or a particular strong Venus.

Let us take an overview of Taurus and explore how this all works.

Taurus is an Earth sign; it is represented by the Bull, ruled by Venus, the Goddess of Love and Beauty. There is the first clue. Taureans are known to like good food, wine, cars, furnishings; they garner a feeling of secure satisfaction from their collection of material achievements and good for them! Taureans like to enjoy the evidence of their perseverance and reliability; it is a solid and dependable foundation, just like them.
The living space of those born with this Earthy, grounded energy must be refined; colours of Nature would procure a sense of comfort, greens, browns and stony hues. Their heightened aesthetic sense suggests plush interiors, no wires visible, fine smelling candles, plump cushions, natural fabrics, wood, sophisticated lighting. Taureans are not big fans of change so the furnishings can be built in and made to last!

Those with Taurus in their Charts are understood to be sensual people; the dining area will be important, candlesticks, napkin holders, sturdy cutlery, crystal glasses and of course fine wines to fill them up with. This sumptuousness must echo all around the home for Taureans, the bedding must be luxurious; the bathroom would have the best super fluffy cotton towels and bespoke soaps, shampoos and all manner of body pampering products!

Taurean Table

The sign that sits opposite Taurus in Astrology is Scorpio, so how do the needs of Scorpios differ from Taureans when it comes to basking in comforts at home?
Well, if we start off by saying that Scorpio is ‘ruled’ by Pluto and in the old days Mars, the atmosphere automatically shifts. Venus, the Goddess of Love and Beauty is replaced with the God of the Underworld and Mars, God of War. Scorpio is a Water Sign and it represents the deepest aspects of Water. Consider being out in a small rowing boat on a lake at night, how would you feel surrounded by dark water? Or turn your thoughts to a Castle, with shady passages, corners and dungeons. Earth tones are just not going to do it for those who have Scorpio and Pluto influencing their Charts.
Scorpios are known for being intense, secretive, for getting to the bottom of things and going where others fear to tread. Their homes therefore will reflect some of that, reds, purples and dark hues would be welcomed by this kind of character. Unusual artifacts, places to put their private possessions and keep their secrets safe, treasure chests, hidden compartments, emotive paintings and sculptures, arrangements that mesmerize and pull you in. There may be a line of potions and tinctures in the bathroom, the bedroom is important, Scorpios are famous for their passion, so make it a Den of Love. Scorpios are not known for their entertaining so the kitchen won’t be a focal point as long as it functions for the basics, that will do.  You may find that the Scorpio home is shadowy, one of those homes where the light needs to be on during the day, they may have the blinds constantly half closed or heavy drapes at the window and there will probably be books, lots of books, therefore storage space and shelving is essential.

Scorpio Den

Can you imagine being a Scorpio with a Taurus partner? Or a being a Taurus with a few planets in Scorpio? The many ways these homely preferences can be expressed and debated over are numerous.

Go with what makes you feel like a King or Queen in your own domain, colour can be stimulating, calming, an aid to digestion, it is uplifting and grounding. Be adventurous, exploring and finding expression for your own personality, have fun or be practical, depending on whichever Planet dominates your wonderful unique Astrological Blueprint…enjoy creating the prefect home that reflects who you are and what makes you content.

Diane Cox
Moon Fire Magic

Astrologer, Sacred Sound Journeys, Author.

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The Sensual Touch of a Lover’s Hand

The intent…it is always about the intent. We feel the intent. So subtle, the intent glides though the body, into the hands, fingertips, lips, Heart.

It was as if his hand contained sensors, slowly feeling every curve it moved over, stopping on occasions, the waist, curve of her hips, thigh. She had no idea where his warm perception  would connect, she just knew when it did, her body would tingle, ripples of pleasure rolling out in a tide of luxurious sensations  His intent was calm, curious, appreciative and unhurried. His understated confidence was a source of undeniable arousal.

In the dark he touched her face, tracing  the shape of brow, nose and neck, he was quiet, while he drew her. The attention seeped into her, as did his tenderness. His mouth moved close, the unspoken intent a silent whisper as soft lips brushed her forehead, large hands pressing her shoulders down. His intent, slow, focused, commanding. There was nothing to do but surrender. Her intent to please, satisfy, seduce. She attempted to rise but he pushed her down with lips on her neck and his chest pressing against hers.The motion seeped into her, as did the sense of trust.
In the midst of the pillow he paused, inhaling the scent of her hair, as his hand made a decisive move downwards, travelling over the rise and fall from belly to mound. The feeling of his palm leisurely moving her mound made her hips want to dance with his rhythm, she smiled in the dark, a murmur exhaling from her throat.His hand moved away from the dance, in her desire she tried to push it back but it carried upwards wanting to feel the silken slopes and roundness of her breast, the crowning firmness of a tantalizing texture that captivated him, running his tongue over the goosebumps that his touch had caused, holding the tight tip of flesh between his teeth, leaving his wetness upon her as his thigh wedged between hers, she pushed against it, rubbing her pleasure centre along his muscle, continuing the dance and held him, tight. The pressure seeped into him, as did her passion.
Mouth upon mouth, exchanging silent words of longing and Love, glowing she reaches for him….

Making Love

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Ancient Healing Properties of Oak

Ancient Oak Trees are a steadfast vision on many landscapes around the World, symbolizing Protection, Strength, Endurance, Courage and Knowledge. Under an Oak Tree the mind can be focused, observing the inner and outer Worlds, while Intuition is sharpened and time is found to be present with your thoughts, hence the direction to travel is revealed. Oak is known as a Holy Tree, the Lord of Truth and molecular genetics suggest they have been around for 60 million years.


Oaks observe the history of mankind come and go, sharing gifts with those who live symbiotically with Nature and listen to their subtle language. The medicinal qualities of Oak bark, leaves and acorns span thousands of years. Druids, American Indians, Celts, Eastern Europeans, Russians, Asians, Greeks and Japanese used the healing properties, food, durable constructive wood and hot burning fire of Oak

* Acorns, have a very comprehensive protein content which is high amino acids, omega 6, Magnesium, Phosphorous, Niacin and Potassium. Acorns have high carbohydrate and fat percentage.
The bitter tannins must be removed before they are edible / palatable and ground into a course flour and used mush like other starches.


* Oak Apples or Oak Gall were used in the production of ink during the reign of the Roman Empire

*  Thin strips of the inner bark, placed them between the gum and lips, and left there over night heals sores of the gums and assist in tightening loose teeth. Here is a recipe for an effective natural tooth powder:

Mix together the following ingredients –

3 parts white oak bark powder

6 parts comfrey root powder

1 part powdered cloves

3 parts peppermint powder

½ part lobelia powder

3 parts horsetail/shavegrass powder

* The active ingredients in oak bark are tannin and quercin. Quercin is used along with bioflavinoids to strengthen capillaries and veins.

* White Oak bark also contains ample amounts of calcium, manganese, potassium and magnesium.

* Oak is host to the very important Tinder Fungus, which can burn for days.

* Snuff made from powdered Oak root was used to treat tuberculosis.

* Oak has astringent, antiseptic, anti viral, anti inflammatory properties and has also been used to stop internal bleeding, reduce fever, as a diuretic, anti-emetic and as an antidote for poisonous plants, insects and snake bites.

The Ancient Oak with a myriad of contributions to diet, health and Magical well being.


Diane Cox

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Pig Farmers and Prima Donnas’ book by Diane Cox


Learning to Fly on New Years Eve

Temperatures inched towards 40 degrees, the best place to endure it was under a Milkwood where dappled light choreographed a fluid dance on the stones, leaves, bark and grass.
The large Milkwood was home to variety of birds, ‘White Eyes, Starlings, Sun birds  and pigeons got on with admirable diplomacy, ample space and food satisfied them all. Their one main worry was a local grey stripey cat with white paws whose penchant for climbing trees and nosing in nests was alarming at any time of day, aggressive, warning chirping shot through the branches every time he appeared, calling to arms as many of the tribe as possible.

On this hot New Years Eve afternoon an unusual gentle chatter drifted down from the higher branches, a definite conversation, what they were discussing in those delicate tones was unknown, yet it held a sweet, positive resonance.

A Cape Bulbul fluttered into view, its white rimmed beady eye looked around to see who or what was on the ground, satisfied with the sight of a reclining human and snoring dog it looked up and sang. Another Bulbul appeared and the two of them fluttered their wings furiously, small fast movements, were they trying to cool each other off in this heat? Turning around on the branch the wing activity continued, in between full body fluffing, tail spreading and lively banter.

Bulbul 2

The two became three, another fluff ball landed on a branch, this one was fatter, shorter and seemed to have no tail to speak of or the telltale yellow underbelly. The two chatterboxes looked up at the fluff ball and continued their demonstration, bursts of wing flutter, tail fanning.  They flitted around the third member of the party, flying above and below it, landing to the left and then to the right, it started to copy their actions. Ah, the fluff ball was learning to fly, it followed its parents, mimicking their wings, tail, movements, travelling the smallest distance between branches guidance and appeared encouraged by the delightful parental song at seeing their offspring beginning to spread its wings and fly.

Oblivious of the approaching calendar turning and a  New Year starting the baby Bulbul hopped, fluffed, flitted and with apparent confidence and determination flew.


Diane Cox

The first book published by Diane Cox, Pig Farmers and Prima Donnas is available from Amazon, Kindle Edition.

Pig Farmers and Prima Donnas Book



Skordalia – Delicious Greek Dip and it’s Vegan.

Christmas shoppers bustled their way from store to store, laden with bags and  trolleys piled high with booze and tinsel. Market traders lay their home made wares on tables, an array of sauces, chutney, nuts, cakes, beaded Christmas Trees and books. I managed to chomp the free samples of  banoffee walnuts, Thai cashews, various chunks of dark chocolate and hummus, the concoction gave my palate a good workout. Then came the pièce de resistance…

How could I have been on this Planet so long and  not have heard of Skordalia? Tons of hummus has passed my lips, Tzatiki a familiar friend on my buffet table, Guacamole, salsa, ful medames , all manner of delectable dippages  I have known, but where has Skordalia been all my life?


The table had various Greek specialties laid out, this curious white substance caught my eye, the label simply said ‘Skordalia, potato and garlic dip’. I asked the guy if it had milk or eggs in it and he shook his head, no, just potatoes and garlic. So I helped myself to a generous dollop.  Creamy, zingy, stingy sensations hit my tongue, sending my eyebrows and the corners of my mouth upwards, immensely pleasant taste and texture delight. Skordo is Greek for Garlic and yes, there is plenty of this natural antibiotic in it!

A tasty dip to add to the files and it is Vegan. Here is the recipe:

6 medium Potatoes
7 Cloves Garlic
1/2 Cup Extra Virgin Olive OIlSqueeze of Lemon
2 Tbsp Red Wine Vinegar (Optional)
1/2 Cup water from the boiled potatoes
Tbsp Salt
Crack of Pepper

Peel, slice and boil potatoes until tender.  Drain mash until smooth.

Stir in olive oil, vinegar, lemon juice and garlic. You can adjust the amount of any of these ingredients to suit your taste.

Season with salt and pepper. Cover and place in refrigerator until ready to serve.

Some recipes use bread, crushed almonds, walnuts, pine nuts or olives. Look around at different ones and try a few out.

A simple, quick, easy recipe and a fantastic alternative to all the usual characters that appear on a  Christmas buffet table or Veggie Braai / BBQ.

Diane Cox


Female Genital Mutilation – The War on Women

I posted a comment about Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), aimed at reversing the tables and thinking of equality, a sort of eye for an eye , or more precisely, a clitoris for a bell end, a sewn up vagina for an emptied and sewn up scrotum. Maybe a removal of the scrotum to make a purse?

The comment elicited some interesting responses, all from women. The practise of removing the clitoris with a razor, no anaesthetic and then the labia being sewn up, is a trauma which I can only imagine leaves a deep psychological scar, alongside the physical and emotional ones. Memories of being held down, legs wide open by those who you thought were there to love and protect you from such abuse and brutality.
Of course this is done to prevent the female from having any pleasure from sexual congress, to stop her wandering and being unfaithful. A spiteful act against the Divine Entity that created her, hence my comment about men having the end of their penis cut off, because why must women carry the load for a mans insatiable dick. If you cut the end of the penis off maybe he wouldn’t be so inclined, without invitation, to plunder and pillage the soft yielding body of woman.
Someone commented “Shame on you” for expressing such a thought. I wonder if this woman had ever said that to any razor wielding adult who has repeatedly mutilated a girl, maybe sent them an email, letter, or petitioned against the violence of FGM, shame on me for thinking it should be the man who takes the responsibility for his ever battering hungry penis. How dare I suggest the man should remove the end of his penis instead of a girls clitoris being cut out and the lips of her private parts stitched together?
People commented that education is the way forward, well yes, that is obvious, however how many generations will it take for that to happen? Thousands of girls brutalized while people sit around a committee table.
The extended complications from FGM include problems urinating, urinary tract infections, vaginal infections, clitoral abscess, infertility, complications in childbirth and mental health problems. There has also been a study done regarding the problems men face with FGM, such as difficulty in penetration, wounds and infections to the penis and their own psychological disturbance at it.
I have first hand experience living in Africa and seeing some of the mental processing that goes on, where in the face of overwhelming evidence, if a person in power says they must not do something because it will enrage their Ancestors…they will not do it, for fear of being cursed. In South Africa there is a common belief that having sex with a virgin or baby will cure men from AIDS. How long would it take to change a mans mind on that? Especially if village elders condone it.
How long will it take for FGM to be considered unacceptable in Africa? When will these women have the right to keep all parts of her body? To not be saddled the punishment for the crimes of men? Nigeria have banned the practise, as has Gambia, and a number of other countries, but it continues for who is monitoring what goes on behind closed doors?
You read that things are changing, some villages are allowing women to meetings now and there is great work being done about FGM, but the Ancestors…what do the Ancestors say…? Who will talk and reason to the Ancestors?! When will they accept some brilliant force made women this way, with an organ that is capable of orgasm, a natural, healing, stress busting wonderment.
Education is a must, but we have to acknowledge it takes time to readjust attitudes. Education isn’t reducing domestic violence, women are being beaten up and murdered by men every day, it hasn’t stopped the gang rapes in India or for that matter rape across the globe.
I absentmindedly considered the woman who was so offended by my opinion on FGM, what was her own relationship with her clitoris like?

You see I get on swell with my genitalia, or as I prefer to call her my Cosmic Gateway, we have had a Love Affair for so many years now, she is a Jewel, a wonder, a Miracle and an absolute luxury. An attribute that is wholesomely part of my personal Goddessness.
A woman mentioned during the debate that this type of thinking regarding male mutilation was not the Path of the Goddess…something which I walk daily. It got me thinking about the views on activities of the Goddess. She didn’t say anything about the females butchering female children or the betrayal of one woman to another, just that my fury at desiring the right people take responsibility and the establishment of a decent punishment for violating woman, was unacceptable.
Oh My Goddess, The Goddess….the Multi Faceted Glorious Goddess, she walks amongst us, awaiting her return, observing Mens fear, waiting for them to bow down before the Divine Feminine.

If you acknowledge the Goddess, it is obvious Women will have an affinity with certain Goddess Energy, that speaks to them at the time, some prefer the fairy wings type or the flowers in the hair type playing the lute at the Waters edge and some resonate with fighting and battle such as Sekhmet, who also is an exceptional Healer. There is a list of 71 ‘War Goddesses’, Divine Feminine has many faces and identities and I refute the claim that being feisty and standing up for what is right is not the Way of the Goddess. Women have been oppressed for so long they have forgotten what long lost Warriors they are. Let the Feminine Storm rage in all her magnificence.
Violence against Women is an every day occurrence, whether due to a husbands football team losing, alcohol, religious beliefs, lack of education, freedom or kindness.
Women take the brunt, while rarely are the men taken to task by authorities, religious leaders, friends or colleagues for such Devilish, atrocious, vile actions.

Amidst the waves of terrorist events, I wondered if the Virgins awaiting ‘Martyrs’, those wretched sad Beings who found nothing to live for, have been mutilated in order for sex to be a painful, traumatic event. How awful  that those unfortunate misguided people couldn’t admire the work of Allah…Peace be Upon him…while they were here on Earth, all the while surrounded by immense Power of Feminine Joy, they could have been loving and kissing instead of  bombing and bullying.
Let us celebrate woman’s genitalia, and keep for evermore our feminine petals in full, beautiful bloom, our Divine organ of pleasure in tact, as the Magnificent Creators designed and intended it.

Diane Cox
(Edited Article from my original post on The Difference Being WordPress Site 2014)


Pig Farmers and Prima Donnas Book by Diane Cox

Book ‘Pig Farmers and Prima Donnas’ available of Amazon Kindle Edition

“Being an over polite Beauty and Massage therapist inevitably leads to finding yourself in precarious situations that a simple ‘up yours’ would have prevented. One of the golden rules of client satisfaction is to fulfil their wishes; this rule was broken when a pest of a client wanted me to get up on my own couch so he could bury his head in my Lady Garden.
When faced with a woolly mammoth that wants to be tamed by waxing a simple ‘No’ could have prevented chaos.
Saying ‘Yes’ too often can have advantages, meeting ordinary people living extraordinary lives and when asked to massage an Argentinean Adonis, it would have been rude to say no.
The tale tells of an eventful path, from first college jitters at massaging a man, unpredictable behaviour within an all female Spa, coping with gropers, flashers, coming into contact with vengeful Mistresses, randy pensioners and a real life Princess.
Thirty years of working in Health Spa’s, witnessing humanity, revealed in all its splendour. Men and women ravaged by Death and enlivened by Love. Every client a Teacher, whether the lesson was ‘How to be a colossal tosser’ or ‘Angels walking amongst Us.’

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New Blog Adventure

Good to be starting a new blog, to share ideas, shout from the rooftops, write of Love, Loss, Hope and Glory and of course, to comment on the political Global shenanigans and World circus.

Looking forward to taking a dive and seeing what is beneath the surface.

Be back very soon with some perky observations.